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Babystay Adjusters

For fitting a jib, setting up a genoa or or a solent jib. For both safety and and performance reasons, fitting a removable inner forestay is strongly recommended when there is a roller furling system.
Wichard offers a whole range of babystay adjusters.

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Babystay Accessories


Wichard offers a comprehensive range of fixing points for babystay attachment. The double pad-eye allows a single attachment point for both the babystay pelican adjuster and the jib tack point and fits all sizes of adjusters.

Backstay Adjusters

Backstay adjusters allow you to optimize rigging and sail performance. Our models with handles are comfortable to operate and allow greater onboard access. For small units the wheel model offers outstanding value for money.

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Lifeline Hooks

These hooks are used to close the lifeline gate in a simple and effective way.
The excentric shape and length of the arm on the pelican hook allows the wires to be tensioned easily.