Wichard Fasteners

Fasteners Pad-Eyes

The Wichard range intended for safe fixing of deck and rigging components provides an elegant and effective solution.
The range has applications that extend beyond the maritime sector and are used in the industrial sector, as well as for architectural purposes and interior decorating.

Wichard offers a wide range of padeyes:

  • Folding padeyes in stainless steel or titanium
  • Toe rail padeyes
  • U-bolts
  • Watertight U-bolts

Folding Pad Eyes

Most boat builders opt for Wichard folding pad eyes. Fully drop-forged without welding, they offer remarkable resistance and thus ensure higher functional loads regardless of the position. In addition, by aligning themselves in the direction of the force they can handle higher operating loads regardless of the position in question.
When only used intermittently they can be folded down out of the way using a silicon pad that also eliminates noise and unpleasant vibrations. Our double folding pad eyes were designed to enable several stays or a baby stay and a jib tack point to be attached to a single point.

Wichard Wichard Wichard

Folding Swivel Snap Shackle


Toe Rail Pad Eyes

Using three sliding pad eyes, the toe rail can be used without any risk of damage for a wide range of applications such as attaching running rigging, barber hauler, boom brake, kicking strap or mooring/fender line guide when docked.

Wichard Wichard



Watertight U-Bolts


Eye Straps and Saddles

Drop-forged using 316L stainless steel, Wichard eye straps offer outstanding strength. Their round shape as well as their perfect finish allow them to limit the wear on the components connected to them.



Eye Bolts and Eye Nuts

Wichard eye nuts and eye bolts are single-piece forged components that guarantee you excellent safety standards for your fastenings. They come in a broad range of sizes, enabling you to find the solutions best suited to your circumstances.
Should you wish to order large quantities with specific lengths or diameters Wichard can custom produce items.