Squire Locks


William Squire started making locks and padlocks in the 18th century, and are still making them in the 21st. From a very wide range indeed, we have selected the following fully-marinized locks for securing your boat and your boat lockers.

Squire CP40S Padlock

10,000 Possible Combinations, Tough Die Cast Alloy Lock Body, Highly Resistant to Corrosion, Recodable, Dual Compound Body Cover for Comfortable Handling, 4 Combination wheels Spaced Comfortably Apart, Stainless Steel Shackle


Squire 50mm Stronglock 39

Hardened Steel Shackle, Double Deadlocking and ball-locking, Covered Steel Padlock Body with Anti- Corrosion Finish, 4 Pin Tumbler Lock Mechanism gives over 1000 Key Variations