Solbian – Innovative solar solution

Thanks to Solbian’s Turkish partner Yes Enerji, Solbian solar panels will be onboard the X-Yachts IMX38 sailing boat of Atilla and Tolga Gökova, two brothers who are planning to attempt a new record, from Hopa to Hatay crossing 4 seas: Black, Marmara, Egean and Mediterranean. The two sailors should depart from Hopa on May 2, 2022 and are expected to sail the 1600 nautical miles in about 10 days.

With extremely limited space available, meeting the vessel’s energy needs proved to be a challenge within the challenge. The system consists of two SP 104 solar panels installed on self-deploying ALUCOBOND® panels positioned on the starboard and port side pushpits. Two remote controls operate the electric actuator, managing the panels orientation quickly and precisely and thus optimizing their yield. A particularly functional solution with a crew of two and frequent changes of direction.

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