Fin Stabilizers from Side-Power

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Side-Power Vector Stabilizer Fins

Stabilizers reduce the amount of roll movement. Roll is the dominant and most uncomfortable movement of a hull, and reducing the roll makes a huge difference in comfort and safety on board.

So do you need a stabilizer system? No, but if you've ever had a boat with stabilizers you'll never have another without!

Vector Fin Breakthrough

Roll-suppressing stabilizers have been around for years. Side-Power's breakthrough was to re-think how the anti-roll foces work, and realise that a cupped shape would have more up/down effect in relationship to the roll moment, and less side-to-side movement suppression which, affecting yaw and sway, also affect handling and comfort.

Physically, the vector fins simply redirect the force vectors to a direction where more of the force will counteract the roll moment itself, whether the boat is underway or at anchor.