Side-Power Control Systems

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Sidepower Controls

Sidepower provide controllers suitable for remote wireless, wired, and hydraulic thrusters.

DC Speed Control - for PRO Versions

DC Speed Control provides variable speed control for DC Electric thrusters in turn giving the helmsman full control over thruster power. This provides is the PRO version of SE, SR and SX thrusters.

RC-2 Remote Control Series

The new RC-2 series also include a brand new 8-channel remote designed to operate a dual thruster and dual windlass configuration. All models operate in the 868Mhz band with a new communication protocol designed to better withstand external interference. The receiver has a new enclosure design, with external connectors, compatible with Side-Power four- and five-lead wire cabling for Side-Power thruster and windlass models. There is also an S-link compatible verision available for PRO and retractable thrusters.