Side-Power AC, IP and PRO Thrusters

Electric Thrusters

IP Ignition Protected Series

Side-Power offers DC electric thrusters in gas-tight and watertight versions. This is the second generation with more upgrades and a larger range of models. The IP versions have all the benefits and proven reliability as the SE series.

To provide reliable and safe thruster installations in more boats, we offer modified versions of our DC electric thrusters in watertight housings for use in stern and other locations that may get wet or be exposed to petrol fumes. These thrusters are fully ignition protected (ISO 8846) for use in boats with petrol engines.

They have a hermetically sealed composite housing around all electric parts. This provides the ignition protection as no petrol fumes can enter and be ignited by sparks. The other advantage is that electric parts that might be damaged by water are also covered and protected, making these thrusters the ideal choice for installations where it is difficult to ensure that the thruster will always remain dry.

PRO Series

It is possible to run your thruster at variable speeds and gain precise control over thrust power.

DC Speed Control. This system won Side-Power the Miami Boat Show Innovation Award in 2011.

With the new DC Speed Control you can drive your thruster at any speed you want and therefore get perfect control over the thrust. If you install both a effect regulating bow and stern thruster, you also get the unique Hold-function which holds the boat alongside the dock. It has never been easier to dock a boat on your own.

AC Electric Series

AC electric thrusters, for boats with AC electrical systems, provide greater thrust and extended run time than their DC electric equivalents. The range covers thrust power from 240kg to 1,400kg, using 230V or 400V power.

The twin counter-rotating propellers can give the most thrust at a good performance ratio in a minimal tunnel diameter. This system is used in our larger thrusters for maximum power. The TC models are the favourite thrusters among leading boat builders for their high-end yachts. The thruster gearleg is filled with oil from a remote reservoir located above the waterline. This generates overpressure, making an effective seal against water intrusion in the gear leg.

The oil reservoir is placed above the waterline and allows easy access for oil changes. For units in commercial vessels with hundreds of running hours per year, this can be a significant cost saving.