Side-Power Compact Thrusters

Electric Thrusters

EB Series Compact Thrusters

The EB series is slightly less energy efficient than the SE series, but has the great advantage in build height and is very cost effective. It has direct operation through a solid transmission belt between the motor and the propeller shaft. There is no oil in the gear housing. The engine is placed in parallel with the tunnel, and can be fitted with the motor on the side of the tunnel, requiring virtually no height at all. This design is very compact and enables installation in the most confined spaces.

The EB series is the choice in vessels where installation height is an issue. The gear housing and the tunnel bracket are one unit and are made from stainless steel AISI 316 for the larger models. The EB 20 bracket is made from glass fibre reinforced composites and is extremely compact due to the external i-box which contains the electronics, including the IPC intelligent power control. The EB series is delivered installed onto the tunnel bracket as one unit.