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SevenStar Electronics S.801 AIS Identifier

The Identifier is the world’s lowest cost, secure, AIS vessel tracking solution. It has been designed specifically to enable the low-cost tracking of large numbers of small vessels, where Class A or Class B Transponders are not suitable.

It is a self-contained waterproof unit that solves many problems that would otherwise occur - particularly where transponders need to be moved between vessels or allocated on a daily basis.

Specially developed VHF and GPS antennas are fully integrated within its rugged IPx7 case, enabling simple installation and use as well as optimizing performance. Intelligent AIS transceiver technology ensures full compliance with AIS CS and SO network protocols.

The Identifier has an integral rechargeable battery which allows continuous operation for more than 120 hours between charges, or it may be powered directly from the vessel.

Multiple passive and active features ensure the operational security and integrity of the Identifier at all times.

AIS - Automatic Identification System

Compulsory in large ocean-going vessels subject to SOLAS regulation, a Class A transponder continuously broadcasts packets of information including name, course, speed, GPS position etc to anyone with an AIS receiver within range. Receivers display this information, usually graphically, superimposed upon a chart local to the receiver, by plotting the position of each vessel within reception range, together with brief course and speed data.

Class A transponders are powerful and expensive. Shorter-range transponders, Class B, are used by leisure marine and small commercial/workboat vessels. It is important to understand that unless you have a transponder you cannot be seen, so while a receiver will show you who is out there, you cannot be seen and nor can anyone without an AIS Transponder. You owe it to yourself, your crew and every other sea user to install and use an AIS transponder.

Seven Star

SevenStar Electronics SART Search and Rescue Transponder

A SART is designed to transmit a very small signal that shows up on the radar screens used by commercial vessels as a unique linear pattern of 12 dots. Unmistakeable as an alert of a vessel in distress.

Liferafts and small vessels often do not show up on radar - they are just too small to present a radio-reflection, so when ditching a sinking vessel and taking to the liferafts, a SART is essential to enable visibility

The S.701 Sart has been designed to fulfil and exceed the requirements of X-band Marine Search & Rescue Radar Transponders as specified for use within the GMDSS community. It has been designed and built using the most modern components available, and offers several features which give it significant advantages over earlier generation SARTs.

It has been Type Approved to both the FCC and EU MED requirements and carries the 'Wheelmark' symbol. It also has Greek, Indian and Ukraine certification amongst others. It has been specifically designed with life-raft fitment in mind, as well as conventional 'carry-off' use.

It is capable of auto activation in liferaft installations, and is one of the smallest and lightest SARTs available today. Its exceptionally low power consumption made it the first SART that could be shipped globally as non-hazardous goods - much simpler, quicker and cheaper to ship and stock. And its unique digital design brings new levels of sophistication, with reduced component count and increased reliability.

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