SCS Pactor HF modems

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SCS Pactor 4 Radio Modem

SCS-Pactor is the only practical hi-throughput HF/SSB modem for expanding the use of your MF/HF transceiver to enable email and other data services

SCS PACTOR 4 radio modem

SCS Pactor radio modems from Storm Force Marine in Hong Kong and Asia.Data via your MF/HF transceiver.

HF radio modem for both SailMail marine and WinLink email services, Weatherfax and RTTY.

Multimode-Controller for Pactor-IV, PACTOR-III, PACTOR-II, PACTOR-I, WeatherFax, NAVTEX, RTTY, Packet-Radio and PSK31

USB interface between modem and PC.

Remote tuning control for most transceivers.

GPS/NMEA interface for position reporting