Schaefer Marine Equipment Tuff Luff Range

Extrusions and Feeders

Since 1966, Schaefer Marine has stood at the forefront of Marine hardware design and construction, offering rugged, durable gear engineered to perform no matter how demanding the conditions.Our full compliment of Tuff Luff products are available in all sizes from -12 through -76. Our -17 size is available as a Standard or Aero system, specify which model when ordering.

Schaefer Tuff Luff Slotted Headsail System

The Schaefer Tuff Luff system iscomprised of the following quality items and is available either as individual components or as a kit which contains the entire system. The Tuff Luff slotted headstay system will revolutionise your foredeck.

Schaefer Tuff Luff Pre-FeederPrefeeder

Oversized silicon bronze rollers smooth out the foresail on its way to the feeder, assuring a perfect set and eliminating the need for crew to hand-feed the sail.

Schaefer Tuff Luff Feeder


Precision engineered feeders, made of high quality stainless steel, fit neatly over the finished Tuff Luff foil. The feeder guides the sail luff into the extrusion for a flawless hoist every time.

Schaefer Tuff Luff ExtrusionExtrusion

Replacing your Tuff Luff foil is literally a snap. We offer spare extrusions for every system, cut to standard lengths. The foil bottom is finished to accept the feeder.

Schaefer Tuff Luff Top CapTop Cap

Made of tough stainless steel, top caps safeguard against chafe caused by crossed or improperly lead halyards. The top cap is aerodynamic and extremely light to minimize weight aloft. It installs in minutes.