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Better performing products at a lower price, SAILTEC is great value

SAILTEC – Sail Faster with SAILTEC:

SAILTEC, Inc. has specialized in designing and building hydraulic tension and rig control for sailboats and custom marine hydraulics since 1983. Our cost effective and durable hydraulic solution, coupled with a serious dedication to customer service and product support has made SAILTEC the first production boat source for many top sailboat brands for over twenty years.
We manufacture hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders, hand pumps, and 12V & 24V electric pumps that operate to 5000 psi (350 bar) and can generate up to 100 ton of force. Our latest products include hydraulic control of hatches, transom doors, swim platforms, keel lifting, radar lifts and other specialized applications.

Hydraulic Integral Adjusters

Hydraulic Integral Adjusters:

SAILTEC was one of the first companies to combine a hydraulic cylinder with a small hydraulic pump commonly known as an Integral.
For almost 30 years SAILTEC has manufactured and improved the Integral. This proven Integral hydraulic adjuster now features a low profile hydraulic pressure gauge mounted at top of cylinder tube. The top mount location allows easier gauge reading and low profile provides secure and snag-free operation.
SAILTEC has also modified the design of the pump lever and handle on the integral adjuster. This new design provides a more compact dimension to the integral assembly and enhances product appearance with 316 stainless steel handle and new textured all-weather handgrip (Kung Foo Grip).

Hydraulic Panel Pumps:

Pumps mounted on a panel and located in the cockpit, on a pedestal, near the rail, or on any bulkhead, can drive one or more cylinders located anywhere in the boat.
Generally, remote panel pumps result in less crew, more control, and faster cylinder action than integral pumps. They can be configured to push or pull cylinders for common applications such as backstays, vangs, forestays, outhauls, and many “uncommon” custom applications, such as manual swim platform cylinders, canting keels, mast jacks and others.
Selection can depend on class rules, size, depth, weight, speed of operation, cost and appearance.
SAILTEC produces a range of proven, durable and reliable panel-mounted pumps that allow you to select a panel to balance the factors of size, speed, and cost with the needs of your boat. Other brands expect you to take their limited size, speed and cost and find a place to install them. We believe the SAILTEC panel selection is the broadest, smallest, fastest, most cost effective and most durable in the industry. The high level of customer satisfaction, factory support and nice appearance are bonuses.

Hydraulic Panel Pumps


SAILTEC has designed its cylinders to be reliable, long-lasting, and efficient. SAILTEC has done this by using high-strength aluminum alloys and advanced manufacturing techniques. SAILTEC also uses Molyguard bearings on the piston and the upper end to ensure cylinder and piston rod scoring does not occur while under side load.
SAILTEC cylinders are available in three standard stroke lengths with pneumatic return or double-acting feature. Aluminum upper jaws are standard on all cylinders. All exterior surfaces are hard anodized for greater corrosion resistance, and to retain their attractive appearance for many years of service.
The SAILTEC Locking Option is available on both standard and long-stroke cylinders. This mechanical device locks the cylinder in position, thus allowing the release of hydraulic pressure. Also, the threaded lock rod can be marked for upwind and downwind positioning.
SAILTEC cylinders are designed to pull (typically), push, or both with common applications such as backstays, forestays, outhauls, and travelers. SAILTEC cylinders have proven to be reliable, long-lasting and efficient. High-strength aluminum and T-316 stainless alloys and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques result in precision, zero-leak cylinders with even seal loads and minimal seal wear. The upper jaw, lower jaw and cylinder are made of high-strength, heat-treated aluminum alloy, precision-honed and polished for appearance.
The stock cylinders available can also be custom built with polished T-316 steel, custom stroke lengths to 100″ (2,500mm), threaded rod ends for turnbuckle bodies, and configured to pull hydraulic/push pneumatic or push/pull hydraulically.


Hydraulic Boom Vangs:

SAILTEC manufactures boom vangs in the same manner as hydraulic cylinders. The boom vang has a nitrogen return system and if sized properly will support the weight of the boom, eliminating the need for a topping lift.
• Tension is 5000 psi or 350 bar
• Return force is at 500 psi or 35 bar
• Length is pin-to-pin closed and will be adjusted to meet your EXACT REQUIREMENTS
• Stainless cylinders available
• Standard finish is hard coat black anodized
Made of the SAME HIGH QUALITY materials used for SAILTEC cylinders, boom vangs have heavier piston rods than cylinders. Models -17 and larger have a passage in the piston rod to permit plumbing the system pressure to the cylinder jaw, to reduce the amount of the deck hose.

Hydraulic Boom Vangs

Hydraulic Power-Pack:

Compact • Complete • Precise
Model 70725: Designed and Built for Marine Applications on Sailboats and Powerboats 12 Volt DC or 24 Volt DC
Power Pack Goals
SAILTEC’s goal was to create a push-button motorized hydraulic system with its own electric power making it independent from combustion engines and perfect for yachts under 100′. Power-Pack is built around the most reliable marine grade electric motor/hydraulic system allowing support & service at almost any port throughout the world.
• Compact and Light Weight
• Precision Cylinder Control
• Remote Mounting
• Simple to Install
• Marine Rated Motors and Components
• 12 or 24 Volt DC Power Options w/low amp draw
• Oil Pressure Output to 3,500 psi (242 bar)
• Oil Outputs to 170 cubic inches per minute/2.8 liters per minute
• Reservoir Capacities of 1, 2, and 4 quart
• Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
Applications – SAILTEC’s Hydraulic Power-Pack operates many marine hydraulics including:
• Backstay
• Forestay
• Outhaul
• Flattening Reef
• Cunningham
• Boom Vang
• Retracting Keels
• Pivoting Centerboards
• Transom Gates
• Hatch Doors
• Swim Platforms
Power-Pack Attributes:
Power-Pack represents the latest in design refinements including system upgrades for enhanced marine rating based on six-month saltwater sea-trials under race conditions and produced the following improvements:
• Keyed Lock-out Device
• Deutsch Electrical Connections
• Corrosion Resistant Solenoid
• IP68 Sealed Entry Points
• Marine Rated Box
• Stainless Steel Fittings
• Anodized Aluminum Check Valve
• Million Cycle Illuminated Switches
SAILTEC Hydraulic Power-Pack will integrate into an existing or new system. Power-Pack provides operator with electric motor-driven pump for fast cylinder action with push of a button ease. Power-Pack can be ordered with manual back-up pump.
SAILTEC Hydraulic Power-Pack will integrate into manual or electronic valving systems for multiple function control.


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