Rocna Anchors


The Original Rocna Anchor

The Rocna anchor was designed by New Zealand sailor Peter Smith, who has been designing, building, and sailing boats since the early 1960s. Over 100,000 nautical miles of cruising, Peter experienced the same anchoring problems that are still prevalent today. He found that he needed to carry a variety of anchors to suit various seabeds, yet still the anchors dragged.

“Your anchor should provide you and your crew with reliability, security, and confidence,” says Peter. A lifetime of nautical experience worldwide was poured into an anchor – initially conceived for Peter’s own use – which became the Rocna.

Peter’s solution consistently returns top results in objective and independent testing. Since its launch in 2004, the Rocna has led worldwide anchor tests as published in the likes of SAIL, Yachting Monthly, Practical Boat Owner, Voile, and others.


Vulcan - The Rocna Anchor that fits more boats

Not all bows are created equal.

The new Vulcan anchor is Rocna’s first major design development since the launch of the highly successful and acclaimed Rocna anchor itself. Following on the success of the Rocna, designer Peter Smith was often approached by customers seeking to experience the exceptional holding power and setting performance of a Rocna, but who had difficulties accommodating the roll-bar design on their bow.

The Rocna roll-bar is an integral part of the self-righting characteristic of the anchor, so removing it presented a challenge. Hence the roll-palm innovation, an angled shelf at the rear of the fluke, and a weighted ballast bulb below the fluke to gain maximum leverage and efficiency.

The highly-arched curved shank fits a widely-expanded range of vessels that cannot deploy the original Rocna easily.

Vulcans are sized from 4kgs up to 55kgs, suitable for 16-26m vessels. The original Rocna goes up to 110Kgs, and can handle vessels up to 35m long, subject to other factors (such as Classification rules) being taken into account.

Larger anchors can be made on request in consultation with Storm Force Marine and Rocna with whom we have an excellent relationship.