RM69 Marine Toilets

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Marine Toilet Sealock from Raske & van der Meyde, Edam

RM69 Marine Toilet Sealock

Manual Toilet for Sailing and Motorboats

The RM sealock toilet, which can be installed above and below the waterline, is the logical successor to the RM standard toilet, for many years well known all over the world. The inlet and outlet of the RM SEALOCK toilet can be completely locked, if the toilet is not being used. This gives extra security against incoming water, especially when the toilet is installed below the waterline. The sealock toilet is supplied with a self priming handpump which, depending on the space available, can be installed at the right or left side of the bowl. The sealock toilet can be supplied with standard or household type porcelain bowl and white plastic or wooden seat and cover. All parts are made of corrosion resistant materials.