PROtect tapes offer plenty of solutions and alternatives to prevent damages from sheets and halyards to the mast, boom and spreaders.
PROtect tapes has a wide range for an effective protections of any headfoil system and furlers from abrasion from gennager/spinnaker sheets. Most of the product are standard but tailor made solutions are available because of the variety of the rigging.
The possible applications for PROtect tapes are many on the deck where hardware and dragging sheets and lines can seriuosly damage the boat. The most common is the whinch area but also mooring lines, hardware pad eyes, stanchions just to mention a few.
Starter kits are dedicated to dinghies and small boat owners looking for effective solutions to small issues. PROtect tapes kits have been designed by one design world champions who faced the same problems on Laser ®, Moth and 49er.
PROtect tapes also do not forget the delicate interiors of boats and their solutions prevent damages to the wood and composite laminates during the whole life of boat: construction, delivery, racing and shows.


PROtect tapes is a unique product developed by a young company.
It has grown quickly and today the leading tape company for cruising, racing and super yachts.
All products have been engineered by polymer, technical film and adhesive specialists supported by professional sailors. The end results are solutions for the owners, boat captains, shore teams who need to get a superior and competitive product to protect the boat and enhance performances, provide effective solutions to chafing, abrasion, scratches, damages, ageing and wear.



PROtect CHAFE is a pressure sensitive tape using ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) film with a strong modified acrylic adhesive.
The result is a very tough material, with the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made. It is highly resistant to corrosive chemichals with the exception to oxidizing acid.
It has extremely low moisture absorbtion and very low coefficient of friction, is self lubricating and is highly resistant to abrasion (15 times more resistant to abrasion than carbon steel).
Typical applications:
– dragging lines over the deck
– mooring ropes
– mast and spreaders
– under the boom to protect it from spinnaker/gennaker sheet
– around the pad eyes for blocks and hardware
– daggerboards
– stanchions
– sails
The product is available in two colors, translucent (PCT) and black (PCT), and different gauges:
PCT translucent in 76/125/250/500 micron (3/5/10/20 mil)
PCB black in 125/250/500 micron (5/10/20 mil)
The standard widths are 51mm (2″) and 152mm (6″), custom width from 7mm (17/64″) up to 660mm (26″)
The standard lenght is 16.5m (18 yds)



PROtect MASK is a tape combining a thin film of highly tensilized skived PTFE, a synthetic fluoropolymer, with a high temperature silicon adhesive.
Our films have the highest per unit strength, toughness and high temperature resistance of any PTFE product.
The low friction coefficient together with the resistance to abrasion, offers an efficient solution to many wearing and tearing problems.
The extremely low coefficient of friction of this film is only secondo to DLC (diamond like carbon), therefore it’s the only known surface to which a gecko cannot stick.
Typical applications:
– running rigging
– bobstays and strops
– standing rigging, spreaders and turnbuckles
– forestay, backstay, runners and other cables
– all uneven or irregular surfaces
– ideal for wrapping parts where build up can occur
PMG050 50 micron (2mil), 140% elongation at break, grey
PML050 50 micron (2mil), 300% elongation at break, light grey
PML125 125 micron (5mil), 300% elongation at break, light grey
PMB064 64 micron (2.5mil), 140% elongation at break, blue
PMO064 64 micron (2.5mil), 140% elongation at break, orange
standard width 25 and 32mm for PML050 and PMG050 12 and 51mm as well
custom width from 7 up to 508 mm
standard lenght 33m (36 yds)



PROtect Headfoil is the ideal protection against damages to your plastic or metallic headfoil from severe contact abrasion of rotating sheet/guy of the spinnaker/gennaker or because of gybing gennaker sheets, especially when this is done inside.
It’s a combination of special polymer and strong adhesives.
The product is available in two versions and few colors:
PHT (translucent) or PHB (black) for small boat up to 40’
PHP (light grey) made of PTFE providing higher resistance to friction and temperature, strongly recommended for larger yachts, grand prix yachts or whenever a superior resistance is required.
All products are liner tapes, very easy to use and apply because already die cut to the perfect size of any headfoil system but it can be made in custom sizes (length and width) too.
PHT001 (translucent), PHB001 (black), PHP001 (light grey, high performance) 34mm x 1.5m
PHT002 (translucent), PHB002 (black), PHP002 (light grey, high performance) 40mm x 2.0m
PHT003 (translucent), PHB003 (black), PHP003 (light grey, high performance) 51mm x 4.0m



PROtect WRAP is a linered self amalgamating modified polyisobutylene tape, designed to stretch and stick to itself, forming a very strong and waterproof bond without leaving sticky stains on your boat fittings or your mast boot. Available in black and white.
The narrow tape (25mm wide) is ideal for riggind screws, terminals, electrics while the special wide rolls (100, 150 and 250mm) creates a flexible, long lasting, good looking, instant welding waterproof mast collar what will not leak. It’s easy and fast to apply.
PWB500025100 black, 500 micron, 25mm, 10m
PWB800150100 black, 800 micron, 150mm, 10m
PWB800250100 black, 800 micron, 250mm, 10m
PWW500025050 white, 500 micron, 25mm, 5m
PWB500100030 white, 500 micron, 25mm, 3m



PROtect KIT are small kits suitable for Optimist, Laser®, Moth and Skiff, 49er, Nacra, dinghies or small boats.
Every kit has been designed and optimized by product specialist and professional sailor to satisfy demanding sailors.
Laser ® Mast Disk is a 1mm tick disk with a diameter of 65mm to be placed into the mast step and avoid abrasion.
Laser ® Wear Kit, two stripes of UHMWPE and acrylic adhesive to be placed on the mast, down to mast step and mast deck collar area to avoid any wearing and tearing.
Laser ® Kit gathers the above two items plus a selection of six CHAFE tapes for snug fit ot the top and bottom mast sections, deck abrasion from the tiller, making more slippery the outhaul and finally some squared for the centre board.
PML001 Laser ® Wear Kit, 2 stripes, 500 micron, 51mm wide, 200mm long
PML002 Laser ® Mast Disk, 1mm, diameter 65mm
PML004 Laser ® Mast snug fit, PCT125 17mm and 30mm, 2m long for snug fit of top and bottom sections
PML007 Laser ® Squares are 5 squares of PCT250 with adhesive and liner, 30x30mm for the centre board case
PML003 Laser ® Kit contains:
2 stripes, 500 micron, 51mm wide, 200mm long (PML001)
2 disks, 1mm, diameter 65mm (PML002)
PCT125 17mm and 30mm, 2m long for snug fit of top and bottom sections of the mast (PML004)
PCT250 34mm, 150mm for the tiller abrasion
PCT250 150mm x 300mm for the outhaul
PCT250 5 squares 30 x 30mm for the centre board
Moth and Skiff Kit (PMK001)
has been developped by Simon Payne and contains a large selections of PROtect CHAFE and MASK to protect the trampolines and wings, four tapes of different gauges to stop the centreboard slope, 6 meters of UHMWPE tape for the cambers, one thin film for the outhaul and one all purposes tape for rigging and all uneven surface. The kit contains:
PCT250 51mm x 6m for the cambers
PCT250 51mm x 1.5m for the wings and trampolines
PCT500 25mm x 1m to stop centreboard slop
PCT250 25mm x 1m to stop centreboard slop
PCT125 25mm x 1m to stop centreboard slop
PCT076 25mm x 1m to stop centreboard slop
PCT125 51mm x 2m for the outhaul
PMG050012330 rigging tape
Optimist Kit (PMK066)
has been developped by Fernando “Happy” Alegre and contains a large selection of UHMWPE tapes with acrylic adhesive and skived PTFE tapes with high temperature silicon adhesive and PTFE disks. The kit contains 29 items to improve the boat performance and minimize the risk of equipment damages and avoid any possible failure fully compliant to the IODA class rules.
Tapes are die cut, with liner and easy to apply on:
mast and mast slot – sprit – daggerboard slot – outhaul – rigging – handbailer
Dinghy 12′ Kit (PMK120)
has been developed by sailors and contains selection of UHMWPE tapes with acrylic adhesive and skived PTFE tapes with high temperature silicon adhesive The kit contains 28 items to improve the boat performance and minimize the risk of equipment damages and avoid any possible failure fully compliant to the class rules.
Tapes are die cut, with liner and easy to apply on:
gaff – mast – benches – cam cleat – outhaul – centreboard – rigging
Patches (PMK002) contains six PROtect CHAFE patches ready to be applied and contains
PCT125 150mm x 150mm 2 pieces
PCT250 150mm x 150mm 2 pieces
PCT250 50mm x 150mm 2 pieces
PML001/002/004/007 and PMK002 crystal clear BOPP bag with Eurohole and barcode
PMK066, PML003, PMK001, PMK049, PMK120 clear PET clamshell with Eurohole and barcode



PROtect INTERIOR is a foam PE with a removable low tack acrylic adhesive suitable for the protection of delicate surfaces such as the boat interiors.
It’s comformable, quick and easy to use just the time to cut the product from the rolls and apply.
A great product to protect the boat whether it be the construction, delivery, boat maintenance or racing mode.
Once used, easy to remove and leaving the protected surfaces immaculate without residue.
PIW20001250250 2mm, 1.25m wide, 25m long
PIW20000250250 2mm, 0.25m wide, 25m long
Clear PE bag with barcode



PROtect SHRINK are PTFE heat shrink tubes providing a state of the art method for the application of a tight, protective covering to items that will be subjected to the extremes of heat, corrosion, shock, moisture and other critical environmental conditions.
Provided in the expanded state, heat shrinkable tubing “shrink wraps” intricate and irregular shapes with a simple application of heat. The result is a protective covering that greatly extends life, increases reliability, and improves performance of cable, components and parts.
The fluoropolymer heat shrink provides the ideal method for the application of a tight, protective jacketing to items that ultimately will be subjected to extremes of heat, corrosion, shock, moisture, or other critical environmental conditions. The application of heat shrink tubing extends the life of such items indefinitely and assures their reliable performance.
PTFE Heat Shrink has ratio 4:1. The product requires 650°F +/- 25° (340°C +/- 5°) to recover.
We recommend pre-heating large diameter mandrels and giving sufficient time for recovery. The mandrel being covered must be able to withstand this range of temperature, and even heating and cooling of all sides will provide the best result.
Customized sizes are also available.



PROtect COMPOSITE are PTFE tapes either glass coated or standard suitable for a wide range of applications that required excellent release, dimensional and superior thermal stability and can withstand the most challenging requirements and extreme operating conditions such as composite constructions.
Typical applications:
– composite construction – mold release
PMF076 PTFE glass coated 76micron, silicon adhesive, liner
PMF125 PTFE glass coated 125micron, silicon adhesive, liner
PMF150 PTFE glass coated 250micron, silicon adhesive, liner
PCS050 PTFE 50 micron, silicon adhesive, liner
PCS076 PTFE 76 micron, silicon adhesive, liner
standard width 51 and 965 for PTFE glass coated (PMF series) and 25 and 51mm on others.
custom width from 7mm
standard lenght 33m
Clear PE bag with barcode



PROtect SHOCK is a tailor made solution, further evolution of the CHAFE products combining UHMWPE film and alyphatic polyurethane resin film and making this resistant to abrasion and shock from blocks, press locks, snap and halyards shackles.
PST250 CHAFE 250 micron (10mil) translucent + 300 micron (12mil) alyphatic PU resin film + acrilic adhesive and liner
PST500 CHAFE 500 micron (20mil) translucent + 300 micron (12mil) alyphatic PU resin film + acrilic adhesive and liner
PSB250 CHAFE 250 micron (10mil) black + 300 micron (12mil) alyphatic PU resin film + acrilic adhesive and liner
PSB500 CHAFE 500 micron (20mil) black + 300 micron (12mil) alyphatic PU resin film + acrilic adhesive and liner
The product is made on demand and tailor made in the width and length required.
Clear PE bag with barcode



PROtect LOOPX combines pressure sensitive tapes with embedded high strength fibers both made of UHMWPE.
The thin and strong adhesive has two functions: to hold the longitudinal fiber in the desired position and to guarantee the adhesion between layers when the loop is manually made.
The fibers are extremely light, just 930 grams for 10,000 linear meter and this leads to an extremely high strength on weight basis, making it the strongest man made tape.
With LOOPX high load loops such as bobstays, runner attachments and soft attach blocks or small loops with high strength do not any longer require skills and expertise, complex sequence of operations, complicated steps and tools.
It is very practical, translucent, extremely light but strong.
Anybody can make his own loop in the length required, even very small and in just few minutes.
The first part of the tape is without adhesive to easily make the first turn and then the adhesive initially protected by the liner guarantees the adhesion of the first and the following turns.
A special ruler (metric and imperial), a label to fix it and some adhesive will help you in making the perfect loop and in few minutes.
Typical applications:
-bobstays -runner attachments -soft attach blocks
The product is available different configuration:
PLT05002533M translucent, 76 micron (3mil), 12mm (1/2″) x 3m (3.3yds) with 1 rectangular fiber
PLT05002533L translucent, 76 micron (3mil), 19mm (3/4″) x 3m (3.3yds) with 1 rectangular fiber
PLT05002533T translucent, 76 micron (3mil), 25mm (1″) x 3m (3.3yds) with 3 rectangular fibers
PLT05002533S translucent, 76 micron (3mil), 25mm (1″) x 3m (3.3yds) with 3 unidirectional fibers
PLT05002533F translucent, 76 micron (3mil), 25mm (1″) x 3m (3.3yds) with 3 twisted fibers
Additionally tailor made (backing, thickness, width, length, fiber type/shape and quantity) according to the final application.
Cristal clear PET clamshell with Eurohole and barcode.



PROtect SKID series are anti slip tapes designed for boating.
It is the solution when heavy duty slip resistance is required because made of tough, durable, special stones capable to last longer, embedded in extremely strong, all weather polymer substrate coated with a powerful, high bond pressure sensitive adhesive.
Easy installation, conformability, high value for money, light weight and durable anti slip qualities.
Available in wide rolls that can be cut to size on site or easily create templates specifically for your boat.
Typical applications:
-boat deck – cockpit – stairs and ladders -any slippery surface that is walked on
The product is available different configuration:
PAB080 black grit 80, 1291mm (48″) x 18.29m (20yds)
PAB060 black grit 60, 1067mm (42″) x 18.29m (20yds)
PAG060 grey grit 60, 1067mm (42″) x 18.29m (20yds)
PAL060 light grey grit 60, 1067mm (42″) x 18.29m (20yds)
PAB080051030 black grit 80, 51mm (2″) x 3m (3.3yds)
PAB060051030 black grit 60, 51mm (2″) x 3m (3.3yds)
PAG060051030 grey grit 60, 51mm (2″) x 3m (3.3yds)
PAL060051030 light grey grit 60, 51mm (2″) x 3m (3.3yds)
Additionally tailor made products according to the final application.
Jumbo rolls shrink wrapped.
Small rolls in cristal clear PET clamshell with Eurohole and barcode.



PROtect ROPE is a smart and clever idea to identify your ropes, halyards, running rigging and sheets.
Made of heat shrink polyolefine tube with shrink ratio 2:1, available in different diameters to cover all possible needs.
Simply insert the tube at the end of rope you want to identify forever, gently heat the tube using a suitable heat gun, hair dryer or just boiling water and the tube will wrap up it.
You can write on it some relevant rope information for you (use, manufacturer, configuration, sailing hours, ect) with a permanent marker pen and log it using the unique serial number.
You can easily identify them on-board, in your container or van.
Typical applications:
• mooring lines • ropes • halyards • running rigging • sheets
Part code   Unshrinked       Shrinked       Lenght
PRW125-2    12.70mm (½”)   6.35mm (¼”)    100mm (4″)
PRW190-2   19.00mm (¾”)    9.50mm (⅜”)   100mm (4″)
PRW254-2   25.4mm (1″)      12.70mm (½”)    100mm (4″)
PRW125-2S   12.70mm (½”)    6.35mm (¼”)   100mm (4″) Serialized
PRW190-2S   19.00mm (¾”)   9.50mm (⅜”)   100mm (4″) Serialized
PRW125-2S  25.40mm (½”)   12.70mm (½”)    100mm (4″) Serialized
White, others available on demand. 



PROtect WING are solutions for wingsails.
Wing are different. We did realize that three years ago and a sound program was put together to create a complete range of products for this configuration of sails, representing the future of racing and sailing.
The film for the wing is available in different gauges, all very strong, tough, clear, biaxially oriented, heat shrinkable polyolefin based film.
Our solutions have high shrink force for superior bundling capability, superior tear, impact and abrasion resistance, high gloss, clarity, excellent printability and UV stability.
All films are full fully compatible with the assembling tapes.
The link between the film and the carbon fibre wing frame is guaranteed by special double sided adhesive with polyester carrier and asymetrical acrylic adhesive on both sides.
The result is an extremely light tape with high shear strength, UV stability and easy to apply.
A perfect wingsail required an additional thin layer to cover and protect the edges of the film and give the final touch the sail of the future.
PWC025 clear 25 micron (1mil), 1720mm (5.6′) wide, small wings
PWC038 clear 38 micron (1.5mil), 1720mm (5.6′) wide, Class C
PWC050 clear 50 micron (2mil), 1720mm (5.6′) wide, AC45 and equivalent wings, AC72 beam
PWC075 clear 75 micron (3mil), 1720mm (5.6′) wide, AC72
PWD01313 clear 13 micron (0.5mil) carrier and 38 micron (1.5mil) adhesive. Double sided adhesive tape
PWD01328 clear 23 micron (0.9mil) carrier and 25 micron (1.0mil) adhesive.Double sided adhesive tap
Additionally tailor made products available on request.



is a new range of stickers for bow number and advertising made of bioplastic films that use renewable resources to reduce environmental impact.
The solution has been designed for a sustainable end of life while guaranteeing similar performances of traditional products.
At the end of the racing series the sticker removed from the boat can be disposed with the organic waste because made of biodegradable and compostable materials.
Unfortunately some stickers do peel off from the hull while racing because of poor application, water splashes and sprays, then dragged by the waves, currents and tides and generally end up on the beaches or deposit on the bottom of the sea.
The potential damage caused by the stickers released at sea is mitigated by rapid biodegradation.
The marine biodegradation of material used for PROtect BOW # takes place even in natural conditions, such as the marine environment, relatively quickly.
In fact, samples of were exposed to marine sediments taken from the coastal area and the biodegradation was followed by monitoring the metabolization carried out by bacteria that “digest” the bioplastic and the biodegradation have been achieved relatively quickly, less than 1 year.
In particular, the biodegradation of the materials tested was more than 90% absolute or relative to a reference material, such as cellulose.
Bioplastic films are suggested for 7/10 days events while for shorter event we recommend stickers made of special paper deriving from residue of sugar cane, highly sustainable from the point of view of the production process compared to FSC and recycled papers.
We offer a turn key solution for racing event organizers by printing (including variable data) and die cutting the stickets to supply the whole set for the event.
Typical applications:
– bow numbers – hull advertising


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