Profurl Sail Furling Systems


Spinex Top-Down Spinnaker Furler

Asymmetric spinnaker cloth is both light and fragile and anti-twist cables have a tendency to damage it. The cable spins faster than the sail during furling which means the latter sometimes jams. To overcome this, Profurl thread free-spinning high-density spheres on the anti-twist cable in order to protect the sail from the cable. This technology allows you to keep the sail away from the cable, stop reverse furling, which causes the sail to jam, reduce wear on the sailcloth, make furling easier and faster because the furling sail has a greater diameter than the cable by itself.

Profurl Spinex comes with drum, swivel, cable, end fittings, tack swivel and except for the length of the cable is ready to fit and ready to use out of the box.

Remove the tack swivel and turn your Spinex into a Nex ready to use with gennakers and code zeros. Profurl’s Spin Kit fits on NEX furlers.


Profurl Spinex Asymmetrical Spinnaker Furlers come in 4 strengths: from a load of 0.9 tons to 5 tons. Speak to us before ordering.

Nex Flying Sail Furlers

For light sails (gennaker, code zero) and heavy sails (solent, staysail), Nex has been developed to improve performance of your yacht and ensure safe, optimum deployment of your flying sails.

NEX is made for every sailor, professional or amateur. The furling line is continuous which saves on weight and mass. The furling line is blocked during deployment of the sail, thus preventing accidents.

It is easy to use: quick and ergonomic sail attachment, quick and easy line fitting, simple tuning of the system.

Reefing-Furling Systems

Reliability, toughness and long-life: Profurl's Cruising range of reefing-furling systems are designed for coastal cruising, blue water cruising, or even sailing around the world. Cruising reefing-furling systems are designed to last and integrate the best of Profurl's proven technology to guarantee both your safety and your sailing pleasure.

Low-maintenance: sealed 100 C6 carbon steel ball bearings are packed in grease, eliminating any risk of corrosion and making them impermeable to water, sand or dust.

All mounting shackles, pre-feeders etc are supplied by Wichard.

Doubled guide arms avoid any risk of riding turns or the line coming out of the reefing-furling system. Specially adapted nuts for heavy loads are supplied on large systems.

Profurl manual reefing-furling systems are covered by a 10-year worldwide warranty.

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