Palm Unbreakable Polycarbonates

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Palm Plastics

Palm Plastics produce a full range of polycarbonate drinkware and polycarbonate tableware designed for outdoor use. Whether at home, in the great outdoors or on a boat, Palm Plastics designs and manufactures polycarbonate and other plastic products to suit every occasion and budget.

If you've just won the Series, and the wine and champagne has to come out after you've docked, get a jump on the festivities at the bar with pure and clean-smelling unbreakable 'glasses'.

Dishwasher proof, and able to fit most cup-holders, these solid and unbreakable polycarbonate glasslike 'glasses' will allow you to enjoy the wine as its maker intended. No after-taste or hint of a smell of plastic. Perfect for dockside parties and barbeques. You'll never buy glassware made of glass again.

Highball Glass. For long drinks on hot sunny days when rehydration is the name of the game.

500ml, stackable, will not jam, easy to hold tapered shape. Substantial base for stability and glass-like quality feel. Stable base, fits most cup-holders, with superior clarity and sparkle. Dishwasher safe.


Wine Glass. The high-grade unbreakable polycarbonate leaves no hint of smell, so you can serve the finest wines without fear of reproach.

350ml, stackable, base fits on ledge and with a low centre of gravity. The base and stem are substanstial and provide a glasslike quality and feel. Easy to hold and well balanced. Unbreakable and dishwasher safe polycarbonate construction and fits the top shelf of a dishwasher and most cup holders.

Sorona Plate and Bowl Set

Sorona is a new corn-waste-based non-melamine plastic from Dupont. It offers a super-tough high-gloss finish.

The manufacturing process integrates another non-slip plastic as a coloured ring that acts as a coaster protecting table surfaces from scratching and insulating from hot contents. When placed on a table, the soft non-slip material deadens the “clank”. This ring is part of the bowl or plate and will not come off.

Microwave safe. Dishwasher safe. Scratch and Stain resistant. All materials approved for food and cooking use by US and EU authorities..