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Ocean Safety Liferafts and Lifejackets and other Safety at Sea Equipment


Liferafts come in a variety of sizes and are built to a variety of standards intended for differing kinds of use. Speak to us before ordering to make sure you have the right equipment for your boat or vessel.

Ocean Safety

Lifejackets for Every Purpose

To be effective, a life-jacket must be worn before it is put into use, and on smaller boats this means all the time, so it is important that the life-jacket is wearable while the crew are at work. Slim fit and comfort are just as essential as bouyancy and reliablity of operation, or the jacket won't be worn.

Commercial and leisure requirements differ, as do the life-jackets intended for commercial and leisure use. At the top-end of the leisure market, ocean racing an ocean cruising, these commercial and leisure requirements overlap, and tougher and stronger jackets are required.

Ocean Safety

Man Over Board Recovery

Even if your crewman is wearaing his lifejacket, speed of recovery is essential. Ocean Safety has much to offer the skipper trying to recover a man overboard.

The JonBuoy is the first thing you need. Fling the canister into the sea and it inflates to provide a bouyancy ring and a highly-visible flag on a flagpole. There are under-water pcokets to provde stability in a tossing sea. The jonbouy is permanently attached to the boat on a line.

Ocean Safety

Other Good Things

Ocean Safety sell fog horns, spotlights, fire extinguishers and alarms, safety lines and more.

Ocean Safety