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Kru Sports Pro

Leading the pack for the leisure boater, whether sailor or powerboater is the Kru Sport Pro. It is Oceansafety's ultimate high-peformance constant wear lifejacket. The latest model has a low neck profile giving greater comfort, a design initiative led by some of the major names in racing who want themseves and their crew to have complete freedom of movement.

180N of bouyancy. Pockets. Inflates in 4 seconds. Cylinder check window - no need to unpack.

Ocean Safety Lifejackets

Kru XF

Rated 150N, but actual bouyancy 170N. Integral crotch strap.

A versatile and lightweight lifejacket that is suitable for all markets including yachtsmen, boaters and commercial operators.

Can be in red, blue or black, and manually-operated or automatic opening

Ocean Safety Lifejackets

Kru Elite

A new addition to Ocean Safety's line of lifejackets, the Kru Elite provides 195N of bouyancy and a host of other features for the top performing ocean racer or cruiser.

There's a front zip to make putting it on easy - only the dual-adjuster waist belt needs adjusting to fit. Twin D-Ring harness loops are used for attaching lines (if you choose the harness option). The sprung air mesh collar and foam lined base layer give enhanced comfort, and the whole thing is made of high performance technology materials.

Ocean Safety Lifejackets

K2 Solas MED Twin-Chamber Lifejacket

The K2 Twin CHamber is approved to meet the daily demands of the global shipping and offshore markets. 308N of bouyancy make sitone of the highest in its class and ensures speedy self-righting in the most adverse conditions.

Large (175cm) chest girth for all sizes of wearer. Abrasion-resistant fabric. 2x60g cylinders.

MED Ships Wheel approval. Emergency light is 3 times brighter and lasts 40 hours - 5 times longer than approval requirements. AIS ready.

Ocean Safety Lifejackets