nke Marine Electronics

Instrument and Race Calculation Displays Navigation Instruments and Compasses AIS

nke Multigraphic Multifunction

Small but powerful.

The multifunction Multigraphic display includes dedicated pages designed fo ruse by helmsmen in multiple roles: Pilot, Navigator, Safety at Sea, Racing, Tactician.

The Pilot function has 3 dedicated pages. Navigation a further 10 pages with up to 6 readings available in analog, digital or graphic display as well as retriving nke bus and NMEA data. Sensor calibration and alarm settings can also be set.

Safety function include a dedicated AIS page, with a radar-like screen to highlight targets, alarms, hazardous targets list and fleet treacking and AIS SART visualization.

racing functions include True Wind, Racetimer, Start Line functions include boat and pin, length, distance to go and time to burn. True Wind angle tables apply a correction to measured data. Current and drift are automatically calculated and displayed.

Tactician functions include true wind trends, instant and averag compass headings, course over ground, waypoint bearing and current drift calculations.

Also capable of displaying channels from Expedition.

nke Jumbo Displays

For when your boat is too long, or you want the crew clued-up.

Large, high quality display, height of the characters: 50mm

All available functions can be displayed on the high quality screen with 50 mm height digits. The LCD high definition technology offers brilliant clarity with a wide reading angle night and day. Visible equally well by the helm and the Rail-Bait.

The functions and back lighting in red or green can be selected from a remote control (wireless or wired). 6 languages are available: French, English, Italian, Spanish, German and Dutch.

This display is particularly suitable for boats of 45 feet and above.