Navisafe Lighting

Torches and Strobes Navigation Lights

Navisafe is a specialist Norwegian lighting company that has developed a new way of combining an all round white or white/red/green, low power draw LED light with a simple, robust and reliable magnetic mounting system.

Navi Light 360

Navi Safe Lighting Navi Light 360Navi Light gives ultra strong light 360 degree steady white light, as well as emergency flash or strobe. Navi Light is made to be fastened almost everywhere, it is waterproof and will float if pulled from it its secondary magnetic fastening. The Navi Light continues to shine for 30 hours on steady light, and five days on emergency blink. Navi Light is also very easy to use and can be operated by almost anyone of any age at any time, even with cold fingers. A child, in total darkness, can push the big 'ON/OFF' button. All of this is integrated into a design small enough to carry in your pocket, so you will always have access to light when you need it.

NAVI Light 360 can be used as an independent light source while camping, or as an anchor light on a boat. It is an ideal light source for many recreational activities, and is extremely efficient in increasing your visibility in an emergency situation. NAVI Light 360&ordm. projects a high-intensity light while consuming little power.

Navi Light Red/Green

Navi SafeNavi Light Red/Green from Navi Safe is based on the best selling Navi Light 360, and its award winning design. The double magnetic system means the light attaches everywhere, i.e. on your spray hood, on your boat, inside your cabin, or everywhere you need a navigational light.

Navi Safe has three different, separate attachment systems that are perfect for Navi Light Red/Green and Navi Light 360. This unique, multipurpose Tri-Colour lighting product is now being stocked by major boat accessory retail chains and department stores as well as the independent boat shops.

Navi Light Red/Green gives ultra strong light 360&deg., divided into three colour zones. Red, Green and White. Navi Light Red/Green is made to be fastened almost everywhere, it is waterproof and will float if pulled from it its secondary magnetic fastening. The Navi Light Red/Green continues to shine for between 24 and 60 hours.

Navi light Glo

  • Glow in the dark torch
  • Waterproof 200m
  • Superbright, long lasting torchlight

Navisafe Glow-in-the-Dark torches with slow flash and strobeThe time you need a torch most is when it's dark and you can't find it. With its glowing body the Navi light Glo is instantly found in the dark. The torch actually illuminates its handle for up to 8 hours after just 10 minutes of daylight.

Navi light Glo, part of the Navi light range from Navisafe, is fitted with a six LED cluster for outstanding torch performance coupled with low power consumption. The LED cluster additionally has a strobe light function making it an excellent beacon in an emergency situation.

Navi light Glo has a magnetic switch and a double rubber seal ensuring full water resistance. Built in a shock resistant body with wrist/neck strap Navi light Glo is the perfect accessory whether you're out camping or around the home.

Unique New Technology: Navi light Glo has a 'Glow in the Dark' system that is based on strontium technology and our colours glow up to 7 times brighter than old style zinc sulphide materials and can keep glowing for over 8 hours on each recharge of light.

Navi SafeDouble Magnetic Holder

The double magnetic holder converts Navi Light Sport into the award winning double magnetic Navi Light 360 degree. Attach your Navi Light to almost anything with the double magnetic system, i.e. clothing, bags, caps/hats, plastic, metal, poles etc.

Navi SafeNavi Safe Telescopic Pole

Extendable from 48cm to 76cm and featuring a screw fastened base, the Navi Safe Telescopic Pole base is adjustable through 180 degrees. Allowing vertical or horizontal fixing and secure telescopic adjustment, the Navi Safe Telescopic Pole is a standard attachment for your Navi Light.

Navi SafeNavi Safe Bendable Suction-mount

The secure suction cup base houses a quick release suction cap and a standard attachment to Navi Light and Navi Safe lights. The flexible pole is bendable through 180 degrees.

Navi SafeNavi Safe Clamp-on Rail-mount

This secure, adjustable clamp features a secondary strap connector and rotates through 180 degrees. It has a standard attachment for Navi Light and Navi Safe lights.