Sea weather, Barograph, NAVTEX
WIB3S Digital receiver for weather and NAVTEX


Navtex (Navigational Telex) is an international automated medium frequency direct-printing service for delivery of navigational and meteorological warnings and forecasts, as well as urgent maritime safety information (MSI) to ships.
Navtex was developed to provide a low-cost, simple, and automated means of receiving this information aboard ships at sea within approximately 370 km (200 nautical miles) off shore.
There are no user fees associated with receiving navtex broadcasts, as the transmissions are typically transmitted from the National Weather Authority (Italy) or Navy or Coast Guard (as in the US) or national navigation authority (Canada).
Where the messages contain weather forecasts, an abbreviated format very similar to the shipping forecast is used.
Navtex is a component of the International Maritime Organization/International Hydrographic Organization Worldwide Navigation Warning Service (WWNWS). Navtex is also a major element of the Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS). SOLAS Convention mandated certain classes of vessels must carry navtex, beginning August 1, 1993.
NAVTEX Message
Synop Message

WIB3S – Sea weather – NAVTEX – Barograph with LC-Display:

– Receives sea-weather forecasts of the DWD on 147.3 kHz
– Receives NAVTEX on 518 kHz (international, English)
– Receives NAVTEX on 490 kHz (national, national language)
– Automatical message administration
– LC-Display with 240×128 Pixel
– PC-Software with SYNOP decoder (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)
– Precision-air-pressure-sensor with 0,1hPa resolution
– Diagram of the air pressure process (two days)
– Indication of air pressure tendency (3 hour)
– Supply Voltage: 12V
NAVTEX Messages:
The equipment is able to receive world-wide the NAVTEX messages of the costal radio stations on the frequencies 490 kHz and 518 kHz. The messages on 518 kHz are sent in English language and on 490kHz they are sent in the respective national language.
The range of the NAVTEX- transmitters varies in dependence of the transmitting power.
NAVTEX messages include e.g.: Nautical warnings, Distress messages, Weather forecasts, storm warnings
Synop Messages
In addition to the well-known weather messages the DWD sends encoded meteorological data of firm weather stations and ships.
The PC Software for the WIB3S decodes these data and indicates it in a map as wind arrows.
Additionally the Synop-data can also be indicated in plain text on PC:
With the help of the internal precision-air-pressure-sensor the air pressure will be stored during a period of max. two days PC seven days).
The air pressure process can be indicated on the PC in form of a gradient


WIB2B NAVTEX & WIB2B NAVTEX with Barograph for PC/Notebook:

490kHz (national language)
518kHz (english)
– Digital receiver for 490kHz and 518kHz
– Simultaneous reception on both frequencies
– Internal ferrite rod antenna, no antenna installation necessary
– The equipment is used like a USB-stick (only WIB2)
– Dimensions only 90x57x23 mm
– Internal batteries for approx. 3 days cont. operation without PC
– The batteries will be charged via PC
– Non volatile data memory for 762000 characters
– Automatical message administration
– A charger for 12/24V or 230V is optionally available
A connection between WIB2 and PC will be established via USB. The WIB2 will be recognized as USB memory device. (data memory)
The NAVTEX messages are stored on this data medium in HTML code.
The data will be shown an th PC monitor via a webbrowser.
No software installtion is necessary.
Barograph (WIB2B only)
With the help of the internal precision-air-pressure-sensor the air pressure will be stored during a period of max. seven days.
The air pressure process can be indicated on the PC in form of a gradient.
To display the atmospheric pressure a Windows software is included in the scope of supply of the WIB2B. The program runs on Windows 2000 / XP and Vista.
The WIB2 is suitable for: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS, Linux
The WIB2B is suitable for: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

WIB2BX – NAVTEX and Barograph for PC (USB): With external Antenna

WIB2B Barograph
WIB2D Barograph

WIB2D Mini NAVTEX receiver and barograph:

– Digital receiver for 490kHz and 518kHz,
– Internal ferrite rod antenna – no external antenna installation required,
– Display of air pressure trends over the past 48 hours,
– Automatic message decoding,
– Internal battery (up to 3 days continuous operation) battery charging through USB lead, 12 V DC cable or optional 230 V charger,
– Case dimensions: 103 x 62 x 26,5mm,
– Software for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
The device receives the NAVTEX messages of the coastal radio stations at the same time on 518 kHz (in English) and 490 kHz (national language).
The NAVTEX messages are displayed via WIB2D’s LCD or with PC.
With the help of the internal precision-air-pressure-sensor the air pressure will be stored during a period of max. seven days.
On the display of the device the air pressure of the past 48 hours can be indicated.
Air pressure data is available on the PC over a 7 day period.
In addition to air pressure course the three-hours-air pressure trend is also available.



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