For new build and retrofit
Cutting-edge range of manual and electric sliding roofs, awnings and bimini hydraulic units.


Makefast is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of quality products for luxury marine craft.
The company was created over 35 years ago, and is now based in mid-Wales with a purpose-built factory and a team of around 30 people, devoted to the art and technology of modern boat and yacht building.

Powered Soft top Canvas Roof
Powered hard top single panel Sunroof
Powered narrow track sunroof
Powered sun awning
Automatic powered bimini system
Targa roof system

Sunroofs and Biminis:

Powered ‘soft top’ canvas sunroof
For new and existing designs
Single panel canvas roof with integral headlining facility. Suitable for use on most sizes of Sports yachts and sailboats. It is designed to complement the profile of the yacht.
Powered ‘hard top’ single panel sunroof
For new and existing designs
Single panel solid roof in GRP or glass. Suitable for use on most sizes of sport yachts and sailboats. It is designed to complement the profile of the yacht. For boats over 12 metres (40 ft).
Powered ‘hard top’ stacking sunroof
Luxury bespoke design for new designs only
Multi panel solid roof in GRP or glass. Suitable for use on most sizes of Sports yachts and sailboats. It is designed to complement the profile of the yacht. Can utilize 2 panels or more and can accommodate various panel lengths. Panel thickness nominally 20 mm.
Canvas lifters for standard sunroofs
Both external canvas and inner headlining can be raised
Ensures the canvas is held outside the cabin space when the roof is opened.
Powered narrow track sunroof
New lighter sunroof which can be used on many existing boats
It is ideal for boats where the tracks are narrow and fits many existing roof profiles. It has a maximum travel of 2 metres and a maximum weight of 50 Kgs. 316 grade stainless steel track and rail system.
Manual narrow track sunroof
Cable driven system ensures parallel motion on nose cone without twisting
Supplied with central Type 316 stainless steel handle.
Constant tension system for canvas sunroofs
Retains canvas tension when opening and closing sunroof
Both canvas and inner headlining can be tensioned
Textile panels only fold in sequence at the aft for stowage. If the sunroof is in the half way position, panels remain tensioned allowing the benefit of full headroom. Suitable for electric and manual systems. Manual Version allows roof to lock in any position along the track length.
Powered sun awning
Spring loaded tension arms and a 316 stainless steel construction
A compact mechanism design featuring electric power with manual override and easy to fit mounting points. Maximum extension is 2.2 metres while the width can be customer specific.
Automatic powered bimini system
Great added value bimini for new build yachts or retrofits
BHU-001 and BHU-001Y Large bimini Micro hydraulic system fits 38 mm. (1 ½” tube)
BHU-002 and BHU-002Y Small bimini Hydraulic unit fits 32 mm. (1 ¼” tube)
BHU-003 Large, strong bimini hydraulic Unit fits 50 mm. (2”).
Targa Roof Mechanism
Powered retractable bimini to suit “Targa” styled hardtop.
Once released at the fore the Bimini retracts to the aft arch and is stowed uniformly to convert the cockpit to an open top. When closed the bimini provides full waterproof cover to the cockpit.


Biminis offer a range of challenges to the manufacturer from construction to stowage.
With our comprehensive range of new fittings everyday challenges are eliminated.
Split clamps for tube to tube mounting are available in sizes right up to 3″ tube and our tube joints offer easy stowage for even the largest structures.
MOUNTING PROBLEMS? No deck surface to mount your structure onto? Eliminate this problem using our all stainless split clamp designed to fit onto tubes from 25mm (1″) through to 75mm (3″). So now you can fit onto everything from handrails to radar structures!

Bimini Frame
Spray Hood
Spray Hood Frame

Spray Hoods:

The sprayhood is probably the simplest structure to construct on a boat, yet it has to be one of the strongest. Unlike most Biminis and sunshades, sprayhoods have to stay up in all weathers, from coastal cruising to Atlantic storms.
Having worked with leading makers over the last 20 years Makefast can offer the most comprehensive range of fittings available – not just tube ends and deck fittings!
The diagram features just a few options available as standard from our range – including the innovative grabrail system.
Eliminate your cover tensioning problems by fitting a Makefast sliding bar buckle!
Try stitching webbing to the fabric and fitting a Makefast Sliding Bar Buckle attached to a webbing bridge or deck plate.


Whether it is a powerboat or sailboat, the structures required to cover a cockpit (fore or aft) can be complex, and no matter what you tell the owner they will motor along at 30 knots with it up!
In the past most cover makers have had to resort to their own ingenuity and spare parts to get what they want – not any more!
With a new and extended range of fittings Makefast can provide a product for most needs 
From tube joints, for easy erection and stowage, to a comprehensive range of deck fittings designed specially for heavy duty use, all finished in highly polished stainless steel making them perfect for any boat.
ADJUSTING END TUBES: Eliminate erection misalignment problems by using our patented adjusting tube end fittings! Simply adjust the tube end to fit the gap required – total adjustment of 30mm (1 1/4″) is possible.

Cockpit Frame
Sundeck Frame


For those customers looking for on deck shade in marinas, the sunshade structure offers the easiest solution.
For the maker, however, the problems of stowage and erection must be addressed.
Makefast provide a range of solutions from tube hinge fittings, which enable large structures to be folded up for stowage, to fold flat deck fittings and an extensive range of quick release fittings both for frame tensioning and easy removal and assembly.

Safety Products:

Adjuster Buckles & Slides (3 & 2 Bar Buckles)
Safety & Harness Buckles
Fast Release Buckles
Webbing Loops, Links, Hooks, Toggles & Bridges
Safety Hooks & Connectors
Rapid Links & Spring Snaps
D Rings, Delta Dees, Triangles & Rings
Anti Fall devices
Safety Accessories
Fittings For Rope & Shock Cord

Adjuster Buckles
Safety Buckles
Fast Release
Drop Nose Pins
Deck Fittings

Marine & Sailmakers Hardware:

Drop Nose Pins & Quick Release Pins
Deck Fittings
Sailmakers Items
Rib Hooks