Lopolight LED Navigation Lights

Navigation Lights

The specialist in LED Navigation Lighting presents the ultimate navigation light for large yachts and commercial vessels. Lopolight's experience from producing over 100.000 LED navigation lights enables them to offer a better level of quality, better reliability, stronger service and installation flexibility than ever before.

The Lopolight Professional Series is:

• LED technology

• Up to 100.000 hours lifetime for an installation

• Full range for all vessel sizes and vessel types

• Fully waterproof, IP 68

• Completely vibration safe

• High quality components

• Worldwide approval – MED Wheelmarked

• 5 year warranty

Options: • Ice class versions with built-in defrosters • Dimmable versions for NAVY & SAR


Lopolight Navigation Lights

Lopolight Lopolight
Lopolight Lopolight