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Jefa Steering:

Jefa Steering is located in Greve near Copenhagen in Denmark and has been manufacturing marine steering products since 2001 and more than 40.000 steering systems have left the Jefa factory since 2001.

Jefa Steering Wheels:

Jefa Single Spoke Stainless Steering Wheels
The standard Jefa steering wheels are produced in stainless steel 316 and cover a range from 600 mm to 1200 mm overall diameter in steps of 100 mm. The standard wheels up to 1000 mm contain 5 tapered spokes, above 1000 mm diameter the wheels contain 7 tapered spokes. The hub is made in one part and constructed in an ingenious way, so no welding of the spokes is visible on the outside. Jefa steering has chosen to use as standard a thicker diameter rim of 25 mm in stead of the industry standard of 22 mm. The standard wheels are available in a polished version or covered with leather. All standard wheels are CE approved.
Single and tandem spoke aluminium wheels
The Jefa aluminium 6082 steering wheels are unique in the world as the wheels are produced without any welding at all. The hollow spokes are threaded at the hub side and screwed into the hub. At the tapered end the spokes are threaded inside and a through bolt from the outside of the rim is screwed into the threaded spoke. The lack of welding (which dramatically decreases the strength of aluminium) and the unique construction results in an ultra light weight and extremely strong steering wheel with a weight of nearly half on an equivalent stainless steel wheel. As result of the through bolt construction the Jefa aluminium wheels are only available with a fitted leather cover. The wheels in the size from 700 mm up to 1000 mm diameter are available as single spoke version and the wheels from 1100 mm up to 1800 mm are available as tandem spoke version (see pictures). All aluminium wheels come with a 25 mm diameter rim, with the hide cover fitted resulting in a total rim diameter of 29 mm. The available finishes are either white or black powder coating.
GRP wheels
The JEFA GRP wheels are strong and light. A modern alternative for metal and more affordable than carbon.
Jefa GRP wheels are produced in a one piece aluminium mold with vacuum technology and a foam core resulting in a very stiff light construction. The wheel is painted with a 2 component black or white finish. The 1000 mm version is the first wheel in this range and weighs 3,1 kgs. The rim is oval shaped, 32 x 26 mm. Other wheel dimension will follow soon.
Carbon wheels
Normally carbon wheels are produced in bits (separate spokes and rim parts) and glued together to make the complete wheel. Jefa carbon wheels are produced in a very big moulding in one go using vacuum technology. The big advantage is a much lighter, stiffer and stronger construction as the carbon fibres overlap in the complete wheel without any joints. The 2,1 Kg 900 mm, the 2,3 Kg 1000 mm, the 2,6 Kg 1100 mm, the 4,5 Kg 1700 mm and the 4,8 Kg 1900 mm carbon wheels are mostly available ex stock.The Jefa carbon wheels are CE approved.
Single spoke teak rimmed wheels
The teak rimmed Jefa steering wheels are equipped with stainless steel 316 spokes and hub and cover a range from 700 mm to 1200 mm overall diameter in steps of 100 mm. The teak rim is painted with a 2 component polyurethane paint. The hub is made in one part and constructed on an ingenious way, so no welding of the spokes is visible at the outside. Please click on the picture for a larger view.

Stainless Wheel
Aluminium Wheel
Carbon Wheel
Teak Trimmed Wheel

Steering Components and Pedestals:

Cable steering components and pedestals.
– Cable steering pedestals
– Bulkhead and Horisontal steerers
– Quadrants and traveller
– Sheaves, idlers and terminals
– Chain, wire and conduit
Rack and pinion steering components and pedestals.
– RP100 rack and pinion steering pedestal
– RP150 rack and pinion steering pedestal
– RP200 rack and pinion steering pedestal
– RP300 rack and pinion steering pedestal
– RP400 rack and pinion steering pedestal
– Stopring and rack and pinion geometry
– Draglinks
– Tiller levers and autopilot levers
– R&P extension tube
Transmission steering components and pedestals.
– TS100 transmission steering pedestal
– TS150 transmission steering pedestal
– TS200 transmission steering pedestal
– TS300 transmission steering pedestal
– TS400 transmission steering pedestal
– Steering bevel boxes
– Bevel boxes
– Bevel reduction gearboxes
– Reduction gearboxes
– Universal joints, torque tubes & flange bearings
– Draglinks
– Tiller levers
– Electric clutch for transmission systems
Hydraulic steering pedestals.
– H200 hydraulic steering pedestal
– H300 hydraulic steering pedestal
– H400 hydraulic steering pedestal
Jefa Autopilot
Lucas Schroder
Milan Kolacek
Henk de Velde

Autopilot drive units:

 – Linear drive autopilot drive units (20′ to 45′) – to combine with all mechanical steering systems
– Direct drive autopilot drive units (30′ to 70′) – to combine with all mechanical steering systems
– Transmission drive units (30′ to 95′) – to combine with transmission steering systems
– Sprocket drive units (30′ to 75′) – to combine with cable steering systems
– Autopilot tiller levers
Autopilot Testimonials:
Lucas Schroder – 10th in Transat 6.50 2011, 7th in Transat 6.50 2007:
“I chose the Jefa drive because it was supposed to be superior – significantly lighter, using less energy and providing more power – to the Raymarine or other comparable drives. I have used the Jefa drive for the Transat 6.50 2011 edition (on of the toughest editions since 1999) under the most demanding circumstances; surfing down big waves in 35 knots of wind doing 15 knots of boat speed! Together with the NKE pilot it has worked like a dream. During the 28 days and the whole racing season before the Transat it has never given any problems! For me the drive has totally proven its potential and reliability! “
Milan Kolacek – 12th in Transat 6.50 2011:
“For me the Jefa linear drive is the ideal autopilot drive compared to the hydraulic NKE drive unit. I had no problems during whole Transat. So for me it’s the ideal equipment on board of mini. Also the energy consumption is low. Not as low as the Raymarine 4000 tiller pilot but despite it is very fine.” (JEFA comment: this is due to the internal clutch which takes 0.7 amps. A tiller pilot doesn’t have a clutch).
“I can just recommend others in future.”
Henk de Velde – Dutch seafarer:
“In 2007 I fitted a Jefa sprocket drive to my 52′ Chris White trimaran and set sail. The Jefa autopilot drive has up until now steered my boat for more than 50.000 miles and more than 10.000 operating hours and I am very happy with the way it has steered my boat for all these miles. The average power consumption has been less than 2 Amps per hour which I could generate for 90% with solar panels.


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