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Based in Switzerland, JDC Electronic SA began its business developing and manufacturing measurement instruments for extreme sports. Today, JDC is a leader in this market with a full range of products. All these devices are based on a patented invention that uses a magnetic field to transmit information.

Through subcontracting to Switzerland's huge watch industry, JDC has diversified into the fields of microelectronics and microtechnology watches, and POS terminals.

With the takeover of MADD Technologies, JDC is developing and manufacturing a range of professional weather stations and specific sensors (wind, temperature, fluid velocities etc).

JDC has designed and manufactured completely new watches incorporating several patented innovations. These watches are sold under the De Havilland Watches SA brand, and are watches "designed by pilots for pilots".

Eole Portable Anemometer

Skywatch Eole is an anemometer with a 54 mm impeller which measures wind strength without worrying about position. The Skywatch Eole is powered by two replaceable AA batteries. Wind speeds are displayed to the nearest 0.1 units up to 99.9, and thereafter to the nearest whole unit. Units can be km/h, mph, m/s, fps, knots or bft. The aluminium base is threaded with a standard camera tripod mount.

Windoo 2

Skywatch Windoo 2 is a measuring instrument for your smartphone. It indicates Windspeed, Temperature (and the wind chill factor) and Humidity (the dew point).

Measured data can be stored and shared on facebook, twitter or windoo.ch

To check your smartphone's compatibility, go to the JDC Skywatch global specifications page.

JDC Skywatch JDC Skywatch JDC Skywatch


The Skywatch BL500 is a complete weather station connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth wireless technology. It accurately measures wind speed, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and the UV index, and permits you to share your measurements on most popular social networks.

The Skywatch BL500 is especially dedicated to outdoor activities like sailing, kite surfing, paragliding, hiking and so on. It is also very usefull in professional activities, in agriculture and on construction sites.

Measured data can be stored and shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or bl.skywatch.ch.

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