Groco Valves and Seacocks

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GrocoBall Valves

patented selectable handle rotation. Handle has square hole to accept standard ratchet (helps you to reach hard-to-reach valves and eases actuation of hard to operation valves) Stainless steel handle and hardware. Chrome plated solid brass ball (not a hollow ball)

Seacock AdaptorsGroco

Patent pending IBVF flanged adaptors have been developed to address several age-old problems in the marine industry. Here's what they do, Eliminate common (and dangerous) thread miss-match when in-line valves are screwed onto thru hulls. Accept standard thru-hulls into the base and standard in-line valves or other components on top. Provide a safe and sturdy assembly when in-line valves are used as seacocks. Prevent valve damage during engine or generator installation - the valve can be installed later. Make future valve replacement a simple job. Available in Bronze and #316 SS models.

GrocoEngine Flush Kit

Add an SSC to the top of any seacock to allow instant emergency bilge pumping, or to simplify winterization and cooling system flushing. In an emergency, while the connected engine is running, close the seacock and remove the quick release plug. Excess bilge water will be pumped overboard by the engine raw water pump. Add a Groco Bilge Strainer to pump out remote bilge locations. For winterization, close the seacock, remove the quick release plug and insert the service adaptor (included). Anti-freeze can be pumped into the cooling system. For system flushing: Close the seacock and insert the service adaptor. Dockside water can be used to flush the cooling system with the engine running at idle speed.

Safety Seacock ConversionGroco

SSCV combines a full flow ball valve with an SSC Engine Flush Kit. Use at the side port of SBV-P, or at the outlet of a raw water strainer to provide emergency bilge pumping, winterization or cooling system flushing. Valve handle must be closed to remove Quick Release Plug - prevents accidental removal. Includes Quick Release Plug and Service Adaptor.