Groco Deck Wash, Oil Change and Rotary Pumps


GrocoRotary Pumps

Groco vane pumps are positive displacement pumps, capable of operation in either direction. They may be used to perform a variety of on-board duties such as fuel transfer, engine oil transfer or ballast trim. They are not to be used for petrol or other combustible fluids. Pumps are self-priming. The ignition protected, permanent magnet ball-bearing motor has a stainless steel shaft with a continuous duty shaft seal.

Deck Wash KitsGroco

Groco C-60 and C-80 deck wash kits deliver flow and pressure on demand for tough anchor wash and deck wash jobs. Vane Pumps provide greater performance than diaphragm or flexible impeller pumps. A saltwater nozzle is included. Kit produces up to 6.5GPM (C-60) or 7.5GPM (C-80) in the 20-40 PSI pressure range.

GrocoOil Change Systems

Groco U-Lube Oil Change Systems use powerful positive displacement gear pumps delivering up to 3 GPM, for pumping high viscosity fluids, and cold oil pumping, nearly twice the flow of competitive products. Touch-pad control and re-settable over-current protection give full remote control over system. GHS enclosure conceals valves and controls for clean engine room appearance. Unit features dry-run protection and maintenance Log. GHSN Series has the same features as GHS, but without the enclosure in order to provide a smaller footprint.