About Gianneschi

Established in 1969, Gianneschi Pumps and Blowers is an important market leader in the international marine business supplying pumps and blowers for luxury boats, work boats, and small military units from 12 to 120 meters in lenght. Recently, the company has introduced products and solutions suitable for other areas such as treatment systems, circulation, and cooling.
The experience gained during all of these years allows Gianneschi to design complete solutions and functionality that are a good investment in terms of ease of installation and product quality. They can provide individual products or complete packages of pumps, water pressure systems, blowers, water heaters, engine pumps, air compressors, and dampers. Their technical department is constantly studying and developing innovative and technologically advanced solutions for a perfect match to the marine environment. All products manufactured are tested individually and only after strict controls are delivered to the customer. Each product is associated with a specific serial number that allows in every moment to figure out all components used in the production stages as well as any spare parts.

ACB 61G/80/90

Gianneschi Pumps and Blowers:

Self priming centrifugal bronze el/pumps
Liquid ring priming (quick priming) pumps. Uses include bilge pumping, fire-fighting, the intake of diesel oil and other bulk liquids, and chain washing.
Gear pump oil groups with manifolds, by-pass valves and switch
Uses include the intale of lubricant and diesel oil. Units can be supplied with a variety of pumps of differing flow rates and lifting capacities.
Submersible el/pumps
Used for emptying bilges and pumping water with small gauge, suspended particulate matter.
Water pressure systems with auto run
Used to distribute water under pressure for cleaning, bathing, fire fighting etc.
Helicoidal el/blowers
Used for ventilation and air suction in larger engine rooms and compartments.
Minitube axial fans
Used for ventilation and direct air suction in the engine rooms of small boats.
Smoke-damper and fire damper rolling shutter
Available with electric or pneumatic actuators. Approval fire class Ao-A60.
Self priming centrifugal bronze el/pumps
Liquid ring priming (quick priming) pumps. Uses include bilge pumping, fire-fighting, the intake of diesel oil and other bulk liquids, and chain washing.


Main pump features:
Designed for IEC flanged motors
Diffuser principle at double volute
Excellence carried out with limited power needed
Fast self-priming
Threaded/Flanged connection
Ballast; Bilge; F.W./S.W. ; Circulation
F.W./S.W. Washing; Fire-fighting; S.W feeding
Port Size: From 1” 1/2 to 2” 1/2 BSP
Pump casing:  Bronze
Impeller / Gear:  Bronze
Shaft: Stainless steel



Gigetta heart is made of two stage with dual impellers system. This allows to combine the centrifugal impeller characteristics, as high dynamic fl uid efficiency, with the helical impeller, particulary indicated for priming purpose.
The particolar helical impeller profi le has been designed for a quick priming (100mm in diameter x 100 meters pipe lenght in less than 2 minutes). In this way we can avoid all the external priming systems (such as ejectors or vacuum pumps) reducing the installation/maintenance cost and the complex system.
A specifi c design on the centrifugal impeller, together with the diffusor, let us to reach outstanding performance.
The several components, realized with an impressive level of precision process, are made of high quality bronze and s/steel ensuring the best resistance against corrosion.
The double oil bath seal system avoid, during the priming time, the dry running of the seals giving fully reliability and less maintenance.

Applications: Ballast; Bilge; Emptying; Fire-fighting
Pump casing: Bronze
Impeller / Gear: Bronze
Shaft: Bronze