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Gianneschi - moving fluids technologies for marine use

Gianneschi Pumps and Blowers manufacture and supply top quality pumps, water pressure systems, blowers, water heaters, engine pumps, compressors and electric motors in DC and AC voltages for pleasure boats, merchant and military ships ranging in length from 12 to 100m. The company's primary focus is on the megayacht market, and providing custom and special products to quality shipyards and discerning clients around the world.

The Company's production facility extends over a covered area of more than 2,600sqm, containing design and engineering offices as well as manufacturing departments. The entire facility was completely renovated and upgraded in 2006. On request Gianneschi can supply pumps and blowers of non-standard production output voltages, including. 12V D.C., 24V D.C., 230V 1ph A.C., 230/400 3ph A.C., 400/690V 3ph A.C. Also available are other 60 Hz voltages, double speed motors and motors driven by inverters.

All Gianneschi pumps are tested in accordance with Rina, Lloyd's Register, Bureau Veritas, ABS, and MCA standards. The Company is certified quality system ISO Vision 2000 that guarantees the highest product quality to the final user.

Gianneschi PumpsSelf priming centrifugal bronze el/pumps

Liquid ring priming (quick priming) pumps. Uses include bilge pumping, fire-fighting, the intake of diesel oil and other bulk liquids, and chain washing.

Gianneschi PumpsGear pump oil groups with manifolds, by-pass valves and switch

Uses include the intale of lubricant and diesel oil. Units can be supplied with a variety of pumps of differing flow rates and lifting capacities.

Gianneschi PumpsSubmersible el/pumps

Used for emptying bilges and pumping water with small gauge, suspended particulate matter.

Gianneschi PumpsWater pressure systems with auto run

Used to distribute water under pressure for cleaning, bathing, fire fighting etc.

Gianneschi PumpsHelicoidal el/blowers

Used for ventilation and air suction in larger engine rooms and compartments.

Gianneschi PumpsMinitube axial fans

Used for ventilation and direct air suction in the engine rooms of small boats.

Gianneschi PumpsSmoke-damper and fire damper rolling shutter

Available with electric or pneumatic actuators. Approval fire class Ao-A60.

Gianneschi PumpsCentrifugal el/blowers

Used for air suction and ventilation in closed rooms, engine rooms, galleys, heads etc. Available in stainless steel and die-cast aluminium by special request.