GAM Electronics Inc Back Stay Antennas


The GAM Split Lead Single Side Band Antenna eliminates the need for backstay insulators forever. No longer must the integrity of backstays be compromised by cutting and installing costly insulators. The Split Lead antenna simply press-fits onto your existing backstay special tools required...and is secured at both ends by a simple plastic clamp.

GAM Electronics Backstay AntennaConsider the following:

  • Safety: The split lead antenna installation requires no alteration of the backstay thus preserving full mechanical integrity of the backstay wire.
  • All RF elements of the antenna are fully insulated eliminating the possibility of the shock hazard posed by the bare wire connection in conventional backstay antennas.
  • Ease of Installation: No cutting, no swaging, no measuring, no special tools, no special skills required...simply press fit over the existing backstay wire and clamp at top and bottom
  • Performance: Active elements are designed for RF...more conductive than the stainless steel backstay wire.
  • Lead wire connections are waterproof and electrically more corrosion where the bare copper wire is wrapped around the stainless steel backstay.
  • The antenna's insulated housing reduces 'Precipitation Static' often associated with heavy squalls and thunderstorms.
  • Stowage and Portability: The Split Lead antenna can be coiled up to a diameter of approximately 26' for ease of storage
  • It can be easily removed when the mast or backstay require work and can readily be transferred from one vessel to another.
  • Durability: The outer housing is very durable, resistant to weathering and, since it under no mechanical stress, should last for may years in the marine environment.
  • Cost: The GAM / McKim Split Lead Antenna is priced to compete with conventional backstay insulators (including swaging costs) and less expensive than many insulators utilizing reusable terminals.

With Gam Electronics antennas you will always get the best quality products without compromise and at a fair price.