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FSE Robline Admiral 5000 Rope

Admiral 5000

Admiral 5000 is a top-performing sheet rope. Attention was paid to every detail that matters in a first-rate sheet. Its 24-plait Polyester cover provides for great ease of splicing and is easy to handle on board. Its 12-plait Dyneema SK 78 core ensures maximum breaking load, low stretch, and excellent creep characteristics.

FSE Robline Ocean 3000 XG

Ocean 3000 XG

Ocean 3000 XG offers excellent spliceability and enhanced abrasion protection. Perfectly suited for tackles, halyards, or foresheets, this rope excels thanks to its weave of pure DyneemaSK78. Highest breaking loads and low weight are its main advantages. A special impregnation makes Ocean 3000 XG highly resistant to UV and abrasion.

FSE Robline Racing SheetRacing Sheet

Racing Sheet is the sheet of choice of Olympic dinghy gold medalists, and World and European champions. Developed in partnership with several top sailing pros, Racing Sheet combines all features required of high-performance ropes. Racing Sheet consists of a hollow weave made of a special type of Polyamide and DyneemaSK75. This combination gives the sheet excellent abrasion resistance and fantastic stretch values coupled with great grip - even when the sheet is wet.

Tapered Sheets

FSE Robline Tapered Sheet

Our range of tapered ropes stands out with its top performing characteristics. These include superior abrasion resistance, extra low elongation, and the use of high quality raw and finished materials obtained from select suppliers. They offer professional machined tapering with even transitions, reduced weight of ropes, strength, exactly where it counts, improved handling, the smaller rope diameter generates less friction in the blocks/halyard pulleys and therefore minimizes the physical effort required.