Echomax Active and Passive Radar Reflectors and safety equipment

Radar Reflectors Desalinators

Radar Reflectors work by making your boat look bigger to the radar systems on other vessels. Both passive and active options are available.

Echomax Radar ReflectorsEchomax 230

Suitable for medium size vessels. Polyethylene case. The EM 230 model has been successfully tested by QinetiQ to ISO 8729, SHIPS WHEEL MARK, SOLAS RORC and ORC and meets sections A.1/1.33 and A.1/4.39 of annex A1 of Marine Directive 98/95/EC. Echomax EM230 has been adopted UK Military Forces and others throughout the World.

Mast, halyard or deck bracket mount. Available in white, orange, yellow, red, green, khaki or black.

@+/-3o 24m2 peak,

@+/-9o - 19m2

@+/-15o - 9m2

@+/-20o - 5m2 100%

Height: 610mm
Width: 245mm
Fixing Holes: 8mm
Weight: 2.5kg
Fixing Centres: 569mm

QinetiQ April 2001 Firdell Blipper 210-7 6.3m&sup2. peak - 8% at 5m&sup2. 54% at 2.5m&sup2.

Echomax Radar ReflectorsEchomax 230 I Inflatable

DuPont metallized, lacquered and spunbonded fabric array with PVC case. folds down neatly to pocket size and is an ideal addition to the grab bag for emergency use. QinetiQ recorded an astonishing 20m&sup2. peak exceeding the RORC requirements by nearly two fold. Can be mounted from halyard. Optional three piece glass fibre rod kit for dinghy or liferaft use. @+/-3&deg.-20m&sup2. peak

Length: 750mm
Weight: 413 gms
Overall Diameter: 300mm
3 piece mounting kit: 247gms

Echomax Active XS Radar ReflectorEchomax Active XS

State of the Art Echomax Active-XS-Dual Band Radar Target Enhancer with minuscule current draw of 23mA on stand by and very high X and S band response many times the new ISO 8729-2 standard. Unique visual facility to identify S or X Band Radar paints. Quadruple alarm facility as standard.
The Active-XS amplifies and returns a stronger signal and these high responses to both X or S Band Radar increase the likelihood of improving your vessel's radar cross section and helps to alert oncoming vessels of your position and detection especially in poor conditions and thereby reduce the risk of collision.


&bull. Reception frequency: X Band Radar 9.3 - 9.5 GHz S Band Radar 2.9 - 3.1 GHz
&bull. Operating Temperature: - 20 to + 60 degrees C
&bull. Voltage:12V DC - + 30% -10% (voltage surge and cross polarity protected)
&bull. Current consumption &lt.23mA in quiescent state:
&bull. Current consumption X Band Radar 190mA when transmittingS Band Radar 155mA.
&bull. Position accuracy:Within 1 metre
&bull. EIRP:1W (typically)

Solar Still

Aquamate Solar Still

  • Tear open pack for emergencies
  • Easily inflated by mouth
  • Lanyard fixing
  • Pure water stored in separate pouch
  • High visibility orange plastic
  • Proven reliability
  • Made to ISO 9002 with NATO stock number

Aquamate solar stills are light, compact and very easy to use.

They utilise solar radiation to distil and collect pure drinking water from sea or impure water.

The still will produce 500-2000 ccs of water per day and has been used for over forty years by military and civilian services around the world.

An ideal addition to the grab bag for any ocean going yachtsman at a fraction of the price of a mechanical or electrical unit.