Make mooring & anchoring easier with telescopic boat hooks and line and anchor snubbers


Originally offering just 13 products, today, Davis develops and manufactures hundreds of items, all offering unique solutions to everyday problems. Davis products and services are depended upon all around the world by hobbyists to small organizations to large companies. They have spent our first 50 years dedicated to innovation, quality and customer service.


Telescoping 3-section Boat Hook, 54 in. to 12 ft long (140 to 370 cm)
A tough boat hook is a valuable asset when launching , docking, mooring, or retrieving your favorite hat! Fixed length boat hooks come in 4′ and 6′ (120 and 180 cm) lengths.
Telescoping Paddle/Boat Hook Combination, 32-66 in. (80 to 170 cm)
Paddles are required by law in many states for small boats and personal watercraft. Team adjustable paddles stow easily and telescope from 20 inches to 3 feet 9 inches (50 to 115 cm).
Telescoping Paddle 20-45 in. (50 to 115 cm)
Paddles are required by law in many states for small boats and personal watercraft. Team adjustable paddles stow easily and telescope from 20 inches to 3 feet 9 inches (50 to 115 cm).
Shockles™ and LineSnubbers™ Products
Line snubbers that reduce shock loads that commonly occur around boats. On a dock or mooring line, tensions are constant from tidal surges, wakes, winds or currents. Shockles are also found outside the marine industry: towing, securing loads, or in cases where a metal band or rope is suddenly loaded up. The patented Progressive Tension Shockles system means that the harder the pull on the Shockle, the stiffer the tension becomes, gradually absorbing any shock load to your boat, cleats, chocks or pad eyes. DockShockle safely absorbs shock loads on smaller, lighter boats.
LineSnubbers™ are strong, but they need to be rigged in-line so they never bear the full load alone. Six to twelve inches (15-30cm) of slack is recommended. Increase line slack between the attachment loops to a maximum of 12″ (30cm) as loads increase. LineSnubber™ has a maximum stretch of 16″ (40cm) before the line limiter safely stops further stretching. The slack line may be wrapped around LineSnubber™ to neaten it up.All parts rated to at least 2,500lb. Maximum Working Load (MWL).
Add a strong, convenient attachment point to any line with LineGrabber.
Secure Removable Chafe Guard
Chafe protection is critical at the dock, at anchor, or on a mooring. The Chafe Guard is a good solution to prevent chafing over a cleat, cap rail, where two lines…

Boat Care & Comfort:

FSR (Fiberglass Stain Remover) is a unique stain absorbing gel that is ideal for removing oil, rust, exhaust, waterline and transom stains. Works like magic to clean…
Windscoop Ventilating Sail
The Windscoop Ventilating Sail puts an end to hot, stuffy cabins and sleepless nights. The Windscoop is aerodynamically designed to force the slightest breeze down into your cabin to keep you cool and comfortable.
Queaz-Away is a non-drug aid for people on the go. The unpleasant effects of bumpy flights, choppy seas, winding roads, rocking trains, and spinning Ferris wheels can ruin a trip or outing.
Key Buoy®
The ultimate key fob for boaters and lakeside loungers! When keys fall in the water, Key Buoy self-inflating key ring opens up, releasing an air tube which inflates automatically.
Handi-Mate™ extension handle
Handi-Mate extends handle from 30 to 47″ (.76 to 1.19 meters). Easy to install—tough polycarbonate head simply clamps over existing handle grip. Does not affect throttle tension adjustment. Depress button & align proper hole for desired length.


Mark 15 Sextant
This model has many great features including seven large sunshades, a 3 mm x 27 mm star scope, and easy-to-read micrometer drum vernier scale that reads to 2/10 of a minute. The Mark 15 has a 7″ (18 cm) frame radius graduated from 120 degrees to -5 degrees and comes with a traditional half-silvered mirror.
Charting Kit
Product number:83
The Davis Charting Kit comes with one-arm protractor, course plotter, protractor triangle, parallel rules, dividers, pencil and instruction booklet. It’s all organized in a 5 3/4″ x 16 1/4″ (146 mm x 413 mm) heavy gauge plastic storage case. An excellent gift idea for cruisers and racers alike.
Quick Reference Cards
A variety of different waterproof reference cards including International Nav Rules
A comprehensive guide incorporating the International Maritime Buoyage System and COLREGS.