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Cousin-Trestec Polyamide Squareline

Easy to splice on a chain, it does not kink, does not twist and is very comfortable to handle. Not only does it absorb shocks very well, but it is also very easy to handle. This high-end rope is ideal for mooring and anchoring applications. It can be used directly on a windlass.

8 strand polyamide braid.

Cousin Trestec

Cousin-Trestec Soft Shackles

The soft shackle is easy to open with its detachable end. It saves weight and ensures no corrosion and no noise. Light weight, exceptional breaking strength. Alternative to steel shackles. The indicated SWL (Safe Working Load) is given with a safety factor of 5.

HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene).

Cousin Trestec