Boston Whaler specifies Blue Sea Systems battery management and circuit protection products aboard their award-winning boats, including the 370 Outrage.
e-Series Dual Circuit Plus™ Battery Switch
Pursuit manages batteries on their flagship OS385 Offshore with Blue Sea Systems Dual Circuit Plus™ Battery Switch
Speciality Vehicles
EarthRoamer expedition vehicles rely on Blue Sea Systems to protect critical circuits aboard their vehicles, including the XV-LT.

Why Blue Sea? 

SELECTION – Over 1,000 electrical products are designed to work together as a fully integrated system.
QUALITY – Product quality is managed in a manner consistent with international standards.
WORLDWIDE ACCESS TO PRODUCT – A distribution network in over 44 countries provides access to products.
INFORMATION – 24-hour access to product information, selection tools, and technical articles online.
INDUSTRY STANDARDS – Industry involvement ensures products meet ABYC, NMMA, and Coast Guard standards.

Power Conversion; Automatic Charging Relay; Battery Switches :

Battery Chargers, USB Chargers, Connectors, Dimmers, Air Brake Compressors
Automatic Charging Relay:
In a boat or vehicle with two battery banks, it is useful to be able to charge both banks while underway. Charge management devices allow two battery banks to be charged from a single source, such as an alternator, but keep batteries isolated when not charging. If one battery becomes depleted, there will be a charged bank available for emergency starting. Choose the Right ACR for Your Application (PDF)
– Non-Critical Load Disconnects
– Automatic Charging Relays
Battery Switches:
Battery management is central to safe operation of a boat or vehicle. A battery switch is required by ABYC in every boat with a battery over 800 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). This requirement exists so the potentially destructive energy in the batteries can be isolated in the event of a fire. With involvement on the American Boating Yacht Council (ABYC) Electrical Component Project Committee, Blue Sea Systems is close to the source of standards for battery switches. The company’s participation in the process means quick response when standards and needs of boaters change.
– Manual Battery Switches
– Battery Management Panels
– Remote Battery Switches
High-amp electronic switches with no manual control, for circuits where a manual battery disconnect is offered elsewhere in the circuit.
L-Series – 450 Amp compact solenoid offers remote switching for applications with limited space and no requirement for manual control
ML-Solenoids – 500 Amp magnetic latching (bi-stable) solenoid provides high-amp switching under load where manual control is not required

Busbars and Insulators; :

The nuts and bolts of any electrical system are the connectors which keep the current flowing. Blue Sea Systems connectors reduce heat and improve efficiency and reliability in a boat’s electrical system. The features below make Blue Sea Systems connectors stand out from the others. Tin plated copper bus provides maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance. Insert molded stainless steel studs eliminates the need fro securing nut and allows high torquing for excellent electrical contact. UL 94-40 rated base material resists high heat. Stainless steel split ring lock washers and captive star-type lock washers keep connections tight in high vibration environments. Optional insulating covers meet ABYC and USCG insulation requirements.
Battery Terminal Mount: Easy to install directly to battery terminal. Tin Plated Copper battery terminal mount busbar.
Common BusBar: Insert-molded stainless steel stud eliminates need for securing nut and allows high torqueing for excellent electrical contact.
DualBus: Combines negative and positive buses on one block.
MaxiBus: Insert-molded stainless steel studs an optional fully enclosed insulating base and cover.
MiniBus: Provides convenient busing for limited space applications.
PowerBar: Provides compact high-amp busing.
PowerBar 1000: Complex wiring systems require a single point to consolidate large and small conductors. The PowerBar 1000 offers a 1,000 Amp busbar with various size studs and screws to connect conductors and fuse blocks.
Terminal Blocks
Terminal Block Jumpers: Use to create common circuits on independent connectors.
PowerPost Connectors
Dual PowerPost: Provides a termination point for extending the length of outboard harnesses or other conductors
PowerPost”Insulated single stainless steel stud teminates multiple large conductors
PowerPost Plus: Enables connection of multiple smaller wires in spaces where a traditional bus bar may not fit
Feed Through Connectors
Perfect for passing high current cables through hulls, decks and bulkheads. Protects large cables that are subject to chafing when passed through holes. The large terminals have a mounting face that can be gasketed or bedded to provide a water tight installation
Cable Clams

Fuses, Fuse Blocks and Circuit Breakers

Best Practices and ABYC standards state that every positive wire on the boat outside the engine starting circuit must have circuit protection. When excessive current flows in an electrical circuit, wire insulation can melt and possibly start a fire. Circuit breakers and fuses protect the wire in electrical circuits. Blue Sea Systems extensive selection of circuit breakers, fuses, fuse holders, and fuse blocks fives boaters a range of choices for main and branch circuit protection. 
The demand for ignition protected circuit protection has increased. Blue Sea Systems Safety and SafetyHub Fuse Blocks are specifically designed for use in environments with explosive fumes, such as an engine room or fuel storage locker.

Fuses and Fuse holders – Fuses mounted in fuse holders or fuse blocks protect the wire in electrical circuits. Blue Sea Systems broad selection of fuses include fast and slow blowing fuses. The fuses, when paired with the appropriate fuse holder or block, are ideal for marine and automotive AC & DC electrical systems.
Fuse Blocks – Fuse blocks loaded with fuses protect the wire in electrical circuits. Blue Sea Systems broad selection of fuse blocks include single and consolidated fuse blocks. Their robust design makes them ideal for marine and vehicle AC & DC electrical systems.
Circuit Breakers
Circuit breakers protect the wire in electrical circuits. Blue Sea Systems broad selection of magnetic and thermal circuit breakers include a vast selection of main and branch circuit protection devices. Their robust design makes them ideal for marine and vehicle AC & DC electrical systems.
Circuit Breakers – 187-Series Thermal circuit breakers provide heavy duty circuit protection for 25 to 200 Amp loads when switching and circuit protection are both required.Single lever operation—clearly visible; Trip-free—cannot be held closed after trip; Self-trimming case eliminates need for mounting panels or trim bezels; Large clearance around terminal studs accepts up to 1/0 AWG lugs; Recessed mounting holes for clean appearance; Robust 5/16″-18 terminals provide high torque connections
Circuit Breakers – Circuit Breaker Blocks
The advantage of a resettable circuit breaker over a single use fuse is well known however people find circuit breakers more expensive and difficult to install. The new ST CLB Circuit Breaker Block uses the compact, snap-in-place CLB resettable circuit breaker which makes breakers as easy to install as a fuse. The ST CLB block provides flexible resettable protection for 6 to 12 circuits and is available for both common and independent DC source requirements.


At the heart of a boat’s electrical system is the power distribution panel. Blue Sea Systems manufactures panels for small runabouts to large offshore cruising yachts, with four panel styles to choose from.

DC Panels
Accessory and Circuit Breaker Switch Panels: Easy to Install Charging & Monitoring Panels

Contura Panels: Using industry standard Contura switches, the Blue Sea Systems Contura Switch Water Resistant Panels are designed to perform above deck, as well as complement any interior. Fuse models are available in a classic grey finish, and circuit breaker models are available in white or black.

WeatherDeck: The WeatherDeck® Panels are Blue Sea Systems’ most waterproof panels and their contemporary appearance adds style to any boat. Available in both fuse and circuit breaker models, the WeatherDeck® Panels can be mounted in four orientations for maximum versatility.
Battery Management Panels: Offer simplified switching combined with main and 24-hour circuit protection.

AC DC Panels

Traditional Metal Panels: The Traditional Metal Panels are suited for use as extension to existing panels or as full replacements.

360 Panels: The 360 Panel System uses an open frame to mount a broad selection of modules that allows multiple functions to be combined in a single panel. This innovative design offers a wide choice of panel features, can accommodate future changes and permits rapid assembly and shipping time.

Rotary Switch Panels: Heavy duty industrial rated switches provide a compact and intuitive solution for safety managing AC sources when circuit protection is provided elsewhere.

Surface Mount System: Panel enclosures for ELCI Main circuit breakers and other large frame devices.



Analog Meters – Micro and Standard size meters with backlighting for low light conditions.
DIN Meters – Easy to read European style analog DC meters
Digital Meters – Allows easy monitoring of electrical functions.
OLED Digital Monitors
Mini OLED Digital Monitor
Systems Monitors – Comprehensive monitors of four boat systems in one compact meter.
Clamp – Compact and feature-rich AC/DC Multimeter eases diagnosis of marine electrical problems.
Shunts – For use with DC Ammeters.