Blue Sea Systems AC and DC Electrical Products

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Blue Sea Systems designs and manufactures AC and DC electrical products engineered to withstand demanding applications in marine electrical systems.


Battery Switches

Battery Switches in all shapes and sizes, for all loads.


Blue Sea Battery Switch from Storm FOrce MaarineBlue Sea Battery Switch

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers for all loads.


360 Panel System Custom Solutions

Blue Sea Systems Custom PanelBlue Sea Systems can build a panel customised to your needs and ship it within 7 days. Any sized panel, from a single module to a panel with 80 circuit breakers can be built to your specification.

A unique open frame architecture provides:
&bull. Upgradable - modules can be added or changed with the way you use your boat
&bull. Wide range of sizes and configurations with over 20 panel frames to choose from

Over 20 modules combine functions that include:

  • Circuit switching, circuit protection, monitoring, battery management and AC and DC power outlets, insulating backs.
  • Custom labels in any language

Fast Delivery

  • Orders ship within seven business days.
  • Hand assembled
  • Prewired

Panel Wizard

Storm Force Marine Blue Sea Panel WizardGo to our PANEL WIZARD and Design and Order your Custom Panel today

Just pick a frame size and pick your modules. Once you've finished, Blue Sea will send us your details and we will contact you with a quotation.