BEP Marine Products

BEP engineers and manufactures a range of high quality electrical solutions designed for the harsh Marine and RV environments. Every product it makes meets exacting performance specifications and is designed to withstand extreme conditions both at sea, and on land. The BEP team is intimate with the marine environment and develops solutions that improve the installation and use of the products they design. The new products developed reduce assembly time, save space and improve the user experience. BEP’s innovative culture and engineering excellence is focused on simplifying the installation and optimizing the user experience with thoroughly tested products that will thrive in the harsh marine environment. As part of the global group Power Products LLC, which includes Marinco, Blue Sea Systems and Ancor, the engineers and product managers at BEP continue to develop the next generation of power management products including the CZone™ and Pro Installer series.

Battery Management:

Individual battery management switches, multi-switch panels and remote operated VSR. Battery Management is central to the safe operation of a boat. All boats and vehicles with an engine have at least one battery whose primary purpose is starting the engine and providing power for loads such as lights, pumps, and electronics. The safe switching between batteries, loads, and charge sources is achieved using products in this section.

Pro Installer Battery Switches
A powerful new generation battery switch with outstanding performance and features for both the installer and end user. Three mounting options: surface, rear panel, and front panel mounting, plus optimized cable access makes installation a breeze. Pro Installer switches set the new benchmark with outstanding ergonomics, intuitive look/feel, and are engineered from the finest materials to withstand the harsh marine environment. Same industry standard mounting with On/Off operation. Used where positive and negative supplies must be isolated at the same time. SAFETY NOTE: BEP does not recommend this for switching house and start battery systems at the same time, for safety reasons. You may need to isolate your engine battery in an emergency, but not your house battery which typically powers the communications. For this application please use the new Dual Bank Control Switch (772-DBC) or one of BEP’s battery switch clusters.

Battery Switches – Safe switiching between batteries, loads and charge sources – BEp have high quality, highly durable battery switches to suit every need.
Remote Operated Battery Switches – Ideal for remote isolation of bow and stern thrusters
Voltage Sensing Relays – Safely charge independent battery banks from one charge source such as an alternator or battery charger
Battery Distribution Cluster – Battery power distribution clusters for single, twin or triple engine
Battery Management Panels – Fast fit, flush mounting battery distribution panels

BEP Connectors, Insulators and Circuit protectoin

Onboard power demands continue to increase as boaters request the comforts of home on their boats. BEP looked at the common products used by electrical installers every day and made significant improvements to their design and construction. The result is a robust product line with greater capacity and extended product life.

Pro Installer Bus Bars – Available in a broad range and designed for flexibility and scalability
Pro Installer Fuse Holders – Durable construction to allow fuses to run at maximum load
Pro Installer Insulated Studs – Generous stud length, insulating covers, common connection height
Insulated Studs – Secure connector studs made with high temperature plastic bases
Bus Bars – Now with easy-fit covers to ABYC standards with polarity ID
Distribution Studs – For terminating of heavy-duty cables for one or more connections
Circuit Breaker Modules – Modular sized housings allow easy grouping
Fuses – Variety of fuses including Maxi-Blade, ANL, ATC and Class T
Fuse Holders – Compact, easy access to fuses with the design integrity only BEP can offer
Circuit Breakers – Easy to use protection tested through years of use in tough environments


Power Distribution Panels and Switches

A variety of switches, breakers and custom panels offer the products and designs you need for your vessel. Spray proof or waterproof panel designs are available in standard and custom panels. Contour Generation II spray proof panels can be mounted vertically or horizontally for added versatility.
Switch Panels – Spray proof or waterproof panel designs are available in standard and custom panels
Switches – Both switches and warning buzzers available with LED light rings
DC Circuit Breaker Panels – Available with either analog or digital meters
AC Circuit Breaker Panels – Ideal for AC shore power installations and on board inverter installations
Labels – Labels can be purchased separately to match individual needs


While our CZone™ systems provide the most convenient means of monitoring your onboard systems, the following range of products offer solutions ranging from the powerful DCSM and ACSM system monitors, through to simple analogue and LED displays.
AC and DC Systems Monitors – State of the art color full color monitors
Tank Senders and Modules – Can be programmed for specific tank sizes
Gas Detectors – Detect both LPG and Petrol with visual and audio alarms
Analog and Digital Meters – Meters used in BEP circuit breaker panels

CZone Control & Monitoring:

CZone Control and Monitoring simplifies installation of electrical systems through the replacement of complicated and often cumbersome traditional wiring. CZone is perfect for Marine and Mobile Automotive applications and replaces switch and fuse panels with networked digital switch interfaces providing ultimate control of onboard electrical systems.
With one touch CZone’s intelligent management simplifies operation by combining multiple circuits through Mode selection, offers effortless Monitoring oversight of key systems and components while retaining advanced Control of specific circuits and functions.
CZone can take care of all the little things leaving more time for the user to focus on what they value. Whether you are preparing the boat for the evening’s entertaining, hitting the open road away from stable power, or focusing on getting the job done, let CZone do the thinking.

CZone Displays – Selection of displays for control and monitoring
DC Interfaces – DC Circuit control, monitoring and protection modules
CZone AC Interfaces – AC Circuit control, monitoring and protection modules
CZone Accessories – Switches, Key Fobs and other accessories
Network Cables and Connectors – NEMA 2000 cables, resistors, USB and tee adapters, banking caps
Network Interfaces – Wireless, NMEA 2000 and MasterBus interfaces


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