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Barton Marine Wooden Classic Blocks

Barton Marine – Bringing you 80 years of know-how

For nearly 80 years, Barton Marine has been making and dispatching world-class blocks from our factory in Southeast England. Starting in 1948, in Whitstable, famed for its shipwright heritage, our founder, Ron Barton, was one of the first to use a fabric based laminated plastic called Tufnol and stainless steel to manufacture yachting blocks which were much lighter and stronger than previously achievable. As a marine company of many firsts, including being the first to use injected plastic moulding for our whole block range in the 1960s, we provide the peace of mind that when you buy a piece of Barton equipment, you are purchasing more than just a block, you are investing in a traditional company, which has always kept innovation in its sights.


Plain bearing blocks: Barton plain bearing blocks have a precision moulded acetal sheave running on a large diameter brass bearing, ensuring free running under the highest of loads.
Ball bearing blocks: With our unique super-low friction ball race systems, featuring acetal sheaves and delrin ball bearings, running on a large diameter centre boss. This allows us to fit more load-bearing balls, which ensure extremely low friction performance, even under high loads.

New Barton Block Range:

Series 0: 20mm and Series 1: 30mm blocks: A strong lightweigt range of blocks for use on dinghies and day boats or as lead blocks on larger craft 

Series 2: 35mm blocks: A comprehensive range of multiple sheave options, together with fiddles and cam cleat blocks, allows powerful, lightweight tackles to be achieved.

Series 3: 45mm blocks: A strong, lightweight range of blocks for use on dinghies, day boats and light cruising yachts. Ideal for mainsheet, vang, lead blocks or wherever a powerful and compact purchase tackle is required. A comprehensive range of cam cleat, fiddle and fiddle & cam cleat versions are available.

Series 4/5: 54 mm block, Series 6: 64 mm cruiser blocks and Series 7: 70 mm cruiser blocks:
This range of high load cruiser bocks are of rugged construction, featuring high quality injection moulded side plates with all load-carrying components from 316 grade stainless steel. Side plates are through-bolted and riveted for added strength and security. This good looking and versatile range is designed for use on larger cruising and racing yachts. All are designed for ease of use with our ball-bearing mainsheet traveller systems. A comprehensive range of cam cleat, fiddle and fiddle & cam cleat versions are available.

Barton Ratchet Blocks:

The new Barton Ratchet Block is designed to be used on mainsheet systems and spinnaker sheets on dinghies and keelboats, and for small yachts up to 30 feet. Combining high performance engineering and contemporary design, the 55mm ratchet block is the first in a planned range of sizes, it also offers a stainless steel lever that locks the swivel head if desired.
The new Ratchet Block allows sailors to easily hand hold loaded lines and offer balance between holding power and controlled easing.
Designed for low friction and longevity in harsh marine environments, the Ratchet Block body is manufactured from a composite of high density nylon and glass fiber reinforced polymer with a high level of UV protection. Internal components are of marine grade 316 stainless steel and the 12 faced aluminium sheave is anodised in gunmetal silver.
Safe Working Load : 300kg Break Load : 1200kg
Part Number: 90500

Barton Wooden Classic Blocks

Victory collection
Combining high performance engineering and classic design, our range of wooden blocks has been designed for mariners who appreciate elegance and want technical excellence. The range has been named in honour of the flagship of the British Navy – the HMS Victory.
Crafted by sailors for sailors, the Victory blocks are manufactured in the UK from traditional ash wood. Available in high gloss marine varnish finish, or in natural uncoated ash, the blocks can be painted or varnished to compliment the aesthetics of a dinghy or yacht. Victory blocks are bolted together allowing for servicing or refinishing.
The Victory collection of wooden blocks not only look good, but are highly durable and designed to withstand many years of use in harsh marine environments. The sleek style wooden plates conceal the modern technical working of Barton’s proven high performance engineering, with Delrin ball bearings, Torlon needle bearings, gun metal shaded sheave and solid brass fittings.

Clutches and Organisers

DO550 clutches
An all new design for cruising and racing yachts, offering a holding power of up to 550Kgs , Modern, high-performance materials; Manufactured from modern lightweight materials, the D0550 moulded parts are from high-grade plastics which are strong, light and impace resistant. Cams and bases are from marine grade aluminium, “Spectro” anodised for long life in the harsh marine environment.
True clutch mechanism : This true clutch mechanism allows line to be adjusted through the unit in the closed, locked position with minimal slippage, Release under load is positive and requires little effort.The mechanism’s opening and closing action is precise and easy to operate, even with cold wet hands. A positive handle lock in the closed position is also featured.
Kind to lines: The clutch’s cam and base, manufactuered from high grade extruded aluminium, feature a specially tempered tooth design which allows for maximum grip with minimal slippage, whilst being kind to your lines. Stainless steel rope fairheads are fitted to both line entry and exit points; a feature which help to prevent wear to both clutch and lines.
Bolt-together construction for straightforward servicing: The D0550 clutch range features the advantage of bolt-together construction which allows for ease of servicing and replacement of parts. A full range of components is available from your barton stockists.
Ergonomically designed handle: The handle is strong and easy to grip, with positive smooth lock and unlock action. A unique feature of this new design is the removable insert on the top face of the handle. These inserts are available packaged seperately with a selection for both cruising and racing yachts.


Available in two sheave sizes and in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6-sheave models. Designed for use when leading control lines and halyards across the coach roof and back to the cockpit. This range features aluminium construction with ‘Spectro’ grey anodised finish. Sheaves are from moulded Acetal with hollow stainless rivets to allow easy and tidy fitting.
Mast base organiser:  is finished in our unique ‘Spectro’ grey anodising for a long-lasting finish. It accepts up to four double tang blocks mounted on individual stainless steel swivel posts, but with just three deck fixing points. The unit is fitted close to the mast base to accept halyards, reefing lines and topping lift and is designed to work in conjunction with our range of deck organisers, rope clutches and winches, doing away with the need to leave the cockpit when reefing, hoisting or lowering the mainsail.
Specification comprises:
‘Spectro’ anodised aluminium base
Four stainless steel swivel posts with nylon base washers
Four pairs of nylon packing washers for tang blocks
Used in conjunction with series 1-4 01 090 to 04 090 single blocks.

Cleats, Cars, sliders and Accessories:

Special cleats – Sliding cleats
A cost-effective solution to fitting a mid-ship spring cleat where access under the side deck is limited – simply remove a genoa track end stop, slide on the cleat and lock it in the desired position. When not in use, slide the cleat to one end of the track, or leave off one track end permanently to enable easy removal of cleat. Alternatively, fit a short length of track in the desired position so that cleats can be fitted when required and removed when not in use – reducing deck clutter and rope snags. Available for 25mm and 32mm ‘T’ track, each in two sizes
25mm cleats have an extruded aluminium base with a moulded nylon cleat and screw lock
32mm cleats have an extruded aluminium base,cast aluminium cleat and plunger type lock.
‘K’ Cam cleats
Manufactured from a composite Kevlar/Zytal material and available in 3 sizes to accept lines up to 14mm in diameter. This advanced material offers performance advantages over carbon fibre and conventional glass-reinforced resins; ‘K’ cams are very strong, lightweight and have excellent wear-resistance. A progressive tooth design ensures maximum holding power on all types of line, whilst maintaining minimum wear to both cam and line. ‘K’ Cam bases feature a stainless steel wear bar for prolonged life. Cams utilise stainless steel leaf springs which give a smooth but positive action.They are also stronger and have a longer life than conventional wire springs. ‘K’ cam cleats are supplied as cleat only plus separate accessories in grey, green, red or yellow where appropriate, to allow colour co-ordination for port, starboard etc.
Wire front fairleads – From stainless steel.
Pillar fairleads – These add-ons enable the cam cleat to be engaged from a variety of angles. Cams can be fitted either way around to achieve a lead from in front or behind. Stainless steel pillars add strength and wear resistance.
Top fairleads – Incorporating stainless steel reinforcing for added strength and wear resistance.
Wedge mounts – Angled wedge mounts to suit the 3 sizes of ‘K’ cam cleat.
Cam top caps – Supplied in packs containing 2 each of red, green and yellow cam top caps.
`T’ section track, sliders, genoa cars – Plain bearing genoa cars and sliders, A lightweight and compact range of plain bearing extruded aluminium sliders, running on 20mm ( ¾” )’T’ Track and finished in our unique spectro grey anodised finish. This useful range will find a wide variety of applications on larger dinghies, dayboats and light cruisers/racers.



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