ANTAL – Excellence in design and technology

Antal means technical innovation and highest quality in the production of sailing boats hardware. Each item is designed, manufactured and assembled in-house. Antal products are the result of a great care for technological innovation and research on the highest quality materials, from design to the realization of single components. The range comprises of over 350 items of deck hardware with a very wide range of sizes to choose from to suit any kind of boat.

Antal Winches:

Materials Quality: is the greatest goal in our winch design, that’s why we aim at creating winches that are strong and light. What characterizes Antal winches is: high quality roller bearings, CNC machined aluminum parts, high-resistance alloy toothed crown gears, low friction axels treatments, differentiated drum knurling. More on this in the full article.
Innovation: Our winches are created entirely in house. We overview closely the life of our products and this allows us to do something very important: innovating the whole winch family continuously, as we gain experience from the nautical market.
Models available: Manual XT winches are available both in the aluminum version and in the chromed version. Powered winches are also available in both finishings, aluminum and chrome. Moreover motors can be electric horizontal, vertical or hydraulic. The XT winch family includes classic winches and top performing Race winches, lighter and stronger.
All winch models are made to be mounted on deck with countersunk head screws (not included). Only exception is the manual Line Driver (mod. 240.010) which needs 3 cylindrical head screws (not included). Number and diameter of required screws is specified for each product.

Winch Handles and accessories: In addition to the extremely light black aluminium handles in two sizes: 200 mm (8 inches) and 250 mm (10 inches), there is also the classic chromed or natural polished bronze solution, always 250 mm long. Three different grips are available: the single, the double and the new ball-grip.The handle arm made of forged aluminium with lightening holes is extremely light and resists the heaviest torsion. The grip is covered with rubber to give a firm hold and runs on two ball bearings to increase its efficiency (single-grip and ball-grip only). All the models are available with or without the lock system which automatically locks the handle on the winch. To refer to the “no lock” version add /NL to the code.

Antal Clutches and organisers:

QR is the new Antal clutch that offers high holding power and allows you to release a manoeuvre even under the maximum load, without the aid of a winch.Two models for 10 and 12 mm lines are available in three different versions: standard, with mounting base and for side mounting.Mounting screws, nuts and washers included.
Flat cam clutches are realized with the standard toothed flat cam in chromed brass. This mechanism accepts a large range of lines. This is why we realize these clutches with small dimensions, for lines from 6 to 10 mm. The flat cam mechanism has the following characteristics: Pressure on two sides. Above, the flat cam exerts pressure on the line automatically, simply by pulling the line. Below, the clutch base accepts several line diameters. Line range. A flat cam allows the use of several line diamters. This is useful in case you want to change a lineand maintain the same clutch. small clutches with flat cam go from 6 to 10 mm line diameter. Line retrieval with closed lever. Line retrieval can be achieved with the lever closed. The line stops automatically in the new position with no slippage. Emergency opening. The line can be released under load without the use of a winch because the Antal mechanism guarantees easy opening even under heavy conditions.
Organizers allow manoeuvres to be guided from the clutches to the winch. They keep the deck in order. Every clutch has a dedicated organizer with the required dimensions. Mounting screws, nuts and washers included.

Antal Blocks

Looper is an ultralight one-piece-frame block provided with a dyneema Snap-Loop for fast, easy and safe connections. Characteristics: hard black anodized one-piece-aluminium frame; resin sheave on composite fibre bushing and double side ball bearings; Dyneema Snap-Loop. The one-piece-frame. The one-piece aluminium extruded body is the strongest and lightest solution, no assembling pin rivets or screws and nuts. CNC machined – polished – hard black anodized and teflon coated.

New by Antal the “One Piece Frame” block, the block without pins or screws, it is a light and strong solution: simply a hard black anodized and teflon coated aluminium frame in one piece. A complete range from 50 to 140 mm sheaves in single, double, triple, fiddle, and deck versions, for webbing or shackle connection. Sizes are based on the range of HR shackles available and on their safe working load (SWL). The HR swivel head. Made in high resistance s.steel, with three positions: swiveling head, longitudinal lock and transversal lock. HR shackles included. The self-captive side ball bearing reduces the friction and makes disassembling, cleaning and maintenance very easy. Sheaves are supplied with the s.steel hub, they are available separately. Blocks Ø 50, 60 e 70 are available with cam-cleat adjustable in three different positions.

Snatch blocks are special in that they can be opened and closed simply by rotating their cheekplates. This simple fact makes them suitable for maneuvers which are fitted out before the block is placed, such as genoa and spinnaker sheets or mainsail halyard. Antal realizes snatch blocks for safe working loads from 600 to 6500 kg and textile diameters from 6 to 28 mm. This variety of snatch blocks is divided into two main categories: blocks where the load is borne by a Dyneema loop, which serves also as link to the fixed point. And blocks where the load is borne by the block’s body itself, which thus can be linked the traditional way with a shackle. Snatch blocks with Dyneema loops include: Dynablock and Snatch looper.

Mast Blocks: 12 different sizes with diameters from 40 to 140 mm for working loads (SWL) up to 9000 kg. Hard black anodized aluminium frame with insulating washers for corrosion protection. Resin sheaves (aluminium sheaves for 100, 120 and 140 mm only) with composite fibre main bearing (not on size 40) and double side self-captive ball bearing (mounting screws not included)

Antal Deck Blocks:

We called Deck blocks all sheaves designed for fixing on deck or on mast. Deck blocks include Horizontal foot blocks, Vertical blocks, Mast or through deck blocks, Organizers and Turning sheaves. The wide variety of deck blocks provides solution to many applications, such as vertical, horizontal or pivoting line angles.

Antal realizes a special line of deck blocks which mount Tulip sheaves. Tulip sheaves have a particular groove shape that allows a line lead angle range of 40°. Torsion loads are borne by large lateral ball bearings. Low friction is thus always guaranteed even when the line is deflected. Tulip deck blocks include Tulip foot blocks, Tulip organizers, Tulip vertical blocks and Tulip turning sheaves. Also spare Tulip sheaves are provided for custom applications.

Cars and Batten systems:

Mainsail Traveller systems
Genoa Systems
Halyard systems
Outhaul Systems
Self-tacking systems
Spi. Pole Systems
Liferail Systems
HS High Strength fibre Full Batten systems
FB Fibreball systems
Batten Receptables
Special Products

SOFT LINKS and Accessories

The use of Dyneema lines, characterized by high stiffness and strength and by excellent smoothness, resulted in the development of new equipment that exalts these properties. First the fastenings called “soft-links”: Dyneema loops and snap-loops that replace shackles, snap-shackles and other metal connections. Then the rings, now produced in different versions and many sizes that exploit the excellent sliding of Dyneema lines, replace sheaves and blocks for more and more manoeuvres. The advantages of this new equipment are: high resistance, increased lightness, a reduction in size and significant cost savings.

Low friction rings are at the heart of Soft links. Simple, lightweight and resistant Rings, together with more sophisticated products, such as Solid rings and Hooks, revolutionized the way we design fixed and running rigging on sailboats, and not only on sailboats. Thanks to the perfect polishing Soft links give extremely low friction. Thanks to their simplicity they cut prices down and require absolutely no maintenance. The universal solution. The first of Soft links’ characteristics is versatility. I can use a Ring as barber, or lazy jack. On the backstay bridle instead of a sheave or for 8:1 control systems. For reefing or 3D genoa adjusting. And obviously, as a block. Among Soft links of the kind of Rings and Dyneema loops Antal realizes Low friction rings, Rings and loop, Solid Rings, Hooks, Dyneema loops and Dog bones.

Roller folding cleats with rotating horns: with a simple gesture of your hand, you can open or close roller even with the line on, just by turning one of the horns. Roller is open: you can easily tie or remove the mooring line. Roller is closed: this position minimizes the size and, more important, prevents other lines from getting caught. The horns can be shut down or turned up even under load. Roller is the only folding cleat you can close with the line on. Roller has perfectly rounded shapes in order not to damage the mooring lines. Available in 4 sizes and 2 finishes: silver (/SI) or black anodized (/B).



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