Antal Travellers and Sheaves

Travellers Tracks Cars

Tubular Track

Antal Tube Track

Antal's new Tubular Track genoa car system is composed of a series of modular fittings designed for light weight and ease of adjustment and control. Two sizes are available for boats up to 36 ft. (size 45), and up to 42 ft (size 60). The system's unique method of running the control line inside the track itself results in a more organised and cleaner deck layout. The HS composite fibre cars provide the following advantages: low friction, light weight, no maintenance and cars can easily be removed from the track. Size 100 ball bearing travellers can be fitted on this tubular track.

Maxi Ball Bearing Travellers


Maxi Ball Bearing Travellers run on 4 independent ball circuits. The friction is minimal, even under heavy stress and for any pulling direction. The one-piece extruded body is made of hard black anodized aluminium for better load resistance to vertical, horizontal and torsional loads. This system provides a higher safety margin as the car will remain on the track even after ball bearing failure. Each traveller is fitted with 2 Torlon ball circuits (lower) and 2 Delrin ball circuits (upper). Single double and triple control sheaves, with or without becket, can be fitted on the car. Side windows minimise weight and allow for easy maintenance and ball bearing cleaning or replacement. Travellers come with either standard shackle fitting or special stand-up joint.

Tulip Sheave

Antal Tulip Sheave

The Tulip Series are fixed sheaves that do not turn in the direction of effort as they accept much wider lead angles. Originally designed for French ocean racing multi-hulls, specifically for the entry and exit of halyards on rotating mast rigs, these sheaves greatly reduce line chafe when the entry angle of the line is variable. Installing an Antal Tulip Sheave on the masthead, instead of a revolving block, reduces bulk and weight. Antal has developed this idea further with an axial bearing in composite fibre and large, self-captive Torlon bearings to make the unit more efficient. The sheave is in oxidized and Teflon coated aluminium and can handle very high loads.

Spinnaker Pole Sliders

Antal Spinnaker Pole Slider

Antal's Spinnaker Pole Slider is longer than traditional units to reduce the side loads and torsion on the track. The cars slide on special fibre inserts to reduce the friction to a minimum. Made for standard 32x6 and 40x8 T-tracks, they are fitted with upper and lower blocks with beckets for the control line. Single and double sheave end fitting for 2:1 and 3:1 systems are also available. Antal offer a hard black anodized and Teflon coated T-track that gives a lower friction coefficient.