Antal Marine Equipment, Deck Fittings, Rope Clutches and Blocks

Blocks Clutches Cleats

The current Antal range of Rope Clutches comes in 5 different models supplied in single, double and triple versions. As well as the new V-CAM 814, there are three models: CAM 611, V-GRIP, V-GRIP Plus and Maxi. these are fitted with the ingenious V shaped cam that increases the bearing surface on the line and consequently gives higher working loads.

The new 'V-Grip' Rope Clutch (or 'stopper') is designed to provide high holding power with no line slippage while allowing the line to be released under maximum load without the use of a winch. The line can also be tailed through the stopper without opening the cam mechanism.

New Rope Clutch RangeAntal Vcam Stopper

The new range of Rope Clutches feature sheaves made of high strength resin, fitted with a composite fibre bush and side ball-bearings. No maintenance or lubrication is required. The machined side plates are made of high strength alloy, hard black anodized for wear and corrosion proofing and with all the edges smoothed off. The aluminium locking cam is fitted on an automatic opening spring: relaxing the sheet is sufficient to open the jammer. The unit has a compact design, with the lever fully concealed within the side plates and with recessed fasteners. The cam cannot be locked under high loads.

Modular Block System

Each model in this series is constructed with modular components and can be easily dismantled and transformed with just a screwdriver, a triple block turns into two singles, a swivel coupling becomes fixed, a runner block is connected to an eyebolt, a cam cleat can be added or removed. The high quality materials used in manufacturing guarantee high work loads and extra lightness. These blocks can be completely dismantled and require minimal maintenance to assure great durability.

Web BlockAntal Web Block

This new type of block mounting head is made of aluminium and has been designed to be tied on with line, saving on weight and maintenance. All of the blocks in the new Modular Series can be supplied with this kind of head.

Antal Halyard Block Halyard Blocks

The Twin-Halyard Block is specially made for 2 to 1 main halyards. The very small sheave is aluminium and is fitted with a composite fibre bushing. The body is completely made of high-resistance stainless steel. The self-captive pin is self-locking against unscrewing and cannot be over tightened.

High Load BlocksAntal High Load Block

The one piece frame of these basic, strong blocks is made for line connection and the very small sheave is fitted with a Composite fibre bushing. The range is specially designed for backstays or boom-vangs, and can be used together as a cascading system or on their own wherever small yet strong blocks are needed. Using all 3 blocks series gives an 8 to 1 system.

Antal Snatch BlockSnatch Blocks

The cheekplate of this versatile snatch block revolves around the sheave axle allowing the block to open. A safety pin, which engages automatically on closing, stops the block from opening accidentally. The block can be attached with webbing or, better still, with a fine highly resistant line made of Kevlar or Spectra. The sheaves are made from high-strength (HRM) resin, and the cheekplates are hard anodized alloy, structural pins are high-strength stainless steel. Yellow rubber side plates provide protection for deck surfaces.