ANCOR-often imitated, never repeated

Ancor was established more than two decades ago to solve electrical problems encountered by seafarers while sailing on a large number of seas. Because general electrical wiring and components are designed for onshore applications, the electrical system becomes more complex and demanding during navigation, causing serious problems. As the first major supplier of UL-listed products designed for harsh marine environments, Ancor MarineGrade® products quickly became the system of choice. Ancor is often imitated, never copied, and continues to lead the industry by providing the most water-resistant, flame-retardant wiring products

Wire and Cable:

Ancor wires and cables are durable, flame retardant and very durable. Choose from a variety of sizes and all ABYC recommended colors from mains, battery cables and special wires for standardization and easy identification. Ancor cables and wires are very flexible, eliminating abrasion due to bending or vibration on board, and are coated to resist the irritating effects of heat, abrasion, salt water, batter acid, oil, gasoline, and ultraviolet light. Available in standard lengths from 8 feet to 1000 feet to meet any marine wiring application from small maintenance to full overhaul.