Wichard Swivels

Shackles Snaps

Wichard swivels are used to link two parts which may have different rotation directions. Wichard offers a complete range of swivels forged either with HR stainless steel or grade 316L stainless steel.

  • With clevis pin or pin with allen head
  • With large bail
  • For webbing applications
  • For mooring applications

The outstanding technical characteristics of Wichard swivels mean that they are the preferred option whenever the safety of crew or equipment is at stake. This applies not only in the navy or on yachts, but also in diverse sectors such as the entertainment industry, the defence sector and the lifting and handling sector. When you risk your life you have the right to be demanding!

Mooring swivels are made from a grade of stainless steel that is specially made so that it can be immersed in water permanently. Consequently, they have a strength suited to this application and excellent resistance to corrosion. You can fit out mooring lines with shackles 1206, 1207, 1246, 1247 or 1248.

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