Wichard Knives

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Wichard knives are stylish, practical and comfortable to hold but, first and foremost, they are made to last.

They are very robust and and their half-serrated blades allow abrasive materials to be cut without damaging the curing edge, ensuring years of service from your knife- true to the Wichard tradition of quality.

The various additional functions will allow you to select the model that is most appropriate to your needs. With the leather or fabric sheath which can be fitted to your belt for lateral or vertical access you can always have your knife within reach without disrupting manoeuvres.

With its forged high resistance stainless steel pliers, the Wichard multi-tool knife is a professional's tool that is always there when you need it. Featuring a lightweight slim design that allows it to be stored away in its belt holder, you will soon find it an essential tool which you will not want to be separated from!

There are many variations in the range: forged steel or titanium handles, hard and soft plastic handles, multi-tool, including shackle key and marlin-spike and even a floating version.

Wichard Forged Steel Handle Knife Wichard Forged Titanium Handle Knife Wichard Single Blade Knife Wichard shackler and bottle-opener Knife Wichard Knife with shackler, bottle-opener and marlin-spike Wichard One-Hand Knife Wichard Fully-Serrated Blade Knife Wichard Soft Handle Knife Wichard Plain Blade Knife Wichard Floating Knife