Victron DC/DC Converters

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Orion DC/DC converters with high efficiency switch mode technology to convert DC power to higher or lower voltages.

These are used to install voltage sensitive equipment (for example navigation equipment) where a pure and fixed voltage DC supply is required (12VDC-12VDc for example). Other uses are when some 12V equipment is installed in an otherwise 24V system or vica versa. Several models can be connected in parallel for higher capacity, provide alternate power outputs or can be used as a battery charger

Victron Orion DC / DC Converters: 12 / 24 / 48 / 96 Volt

Orion DC / DC Converters: 12 / 24 / 48 / 96 Volt

Possibly the widest range on the market! Both isolated and non-isolated models are available.
An ever-increasing amount of electric equipment is being used on vehicles and boats. Because most low-voltage equipment, such as navigation and radio equipment, mobile telephones or car hi-fi systems, is designed for 12 Volts, Victron Energy supplies DC/DC converters which deliver a stable 12 Volt supply from a 24 Volt system.
Next to converters from 24 V to 12 V, a wide range of other models is available.