Toilets, Toilet Accessories

Toilets for boats have to be designed differently when compared with conventional toilets. Waste has to be pumped away and the waste held until it can be properly disposed of.

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Toilets, tanks, pumps and valves. Powered and hand-operated.

Whale Pumps

Whale design, rapid prototype, manufacture, distribute and market Whale Water, Whale Heat and Whale Cook products globally. Product lines include fresh, bilge and waste water management systems, water heaters, galley appliances and accessories. The Whale in-house design team of 40 engineers build on decades of experience and work in collaboration with sail and power boat builders all over the world. Over the last 7 years more than 17 world-wide design patents have been registered highlighting the innovation culture created within Whale. The main quality Whale believe boaters expect is consistency in performance. Whale are dedicated to ensuring 100% of products are tested before they leave the manufacturing facility to ensure the highest levels of reliability in the field. The Whale laboratory also runs continuous life tests to ensure product is meeting the high quality standards set by itself Read More...

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