Selected Manufacturers

Product: Vtronix

Vtronix Antennas - made by Shakespeare

Low windage antennae for race yachts, quality stainless steel whip aerials, lightweight white coated whip aerials.


Product: Radio-Teck

Radio-Teck KISS-SSB Counterpoise Grounding

A multi-length antenna counterpoise, all bundled together in one flexible 10m sheath, that eliminates the need for a ground-plate and ground sheeting in boats with radio transceivers. Boosts transmission power multifold.


Product: Digital Yacht Wifi Access

WiFi Access

A dedicated long-range WiFi antenna allows boat owners to connect to wi-fi hot spots so that their on board PCs or equipment can connect to the internet. With internet connectivity on board you can download the latest weather or chart updates as well as having a mobile office on board. Most harbours and ports have either free or subscription based services available


Product: GAM

GAM Electronics Inc Back Stay Antennas

The GAM Split Lead Single Side Band Antenna eliminates the need for backstay insulators forever. No longer must the integrity of backstays be compromised by cutting and installing costly insulators.