Fin Stabilizers from Side-Power

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Sleipner Motor, who make Side-Power thrusters, have also developed fin stablization systems.

Their latest model, the curved Vector Fin, won the prestigious DAME Award at METS 2013. The Dame Award is the world's number one international design competition for new marine equipment and accessories. It has enormous industry prestige and a worldwide commercial impact. To win the DAME is the ultimate accolade for companies and innovators, and all the nominations for the award are seen as trendsetters for the next generation of product development.

Sleipner Vector Fin Stabiliser system available in Hong Kong and China from Storm Force MarineMETS DAME Award 2013 to Storm Force Marine Supplier Sleipner Motor for their innovative Vector Fin StabilizersThe Award Jury said 'Since inception this competition has highlighted excellent examples of how a commonplace item of marine equipment can be reimagined and redesigned to improve its function and form. In naming the vector fin stabilizers as DAME Award Winner this tradition continues. Sleipner Motor has thought out of the box to produce a fin that better suits many of the modern hull forms to which stabilisers are becoming a standard fit. The elegant curved shape of the fin beneficially directs force to improve roll reduction and decrease the side effects of yaw and sway. It also increases the leverage arm around the vessel's rolling point and minimises drag. This is an incredibly simple solution to improving the experience of boatowners and their guests. The Jury also noted the slimline form of the vector fin's SPS55 actuator, a welcome design feature that will assist designers and boatbuilders.'