Side-Power Retractable Thrusters

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A tunnel thruster cannot be fitted to every boat. For some boats, the Side-Power retractable thruster is the answer. A user talks about his experiences.

Sidepower Retractable Thruster SR 100

Side-Power offer retractable thrusters in true Side-Power spirit with no compromise on safety and reliability. The retracting thrusters are built with the same high safety standards as all Side-Power products, and incorporate all features introduced with the SE-series thrusters.

Their focus on safety is a totally integral part of the product design so that everything from build quality to ease of installation is thought of to ensure long term reliability.

Sidepower SR 100 detail

Specific Retracting thruster features:

  • Plug and play S-Link two way communication control cable wiring
  • Motor assembly rigid mounted on retract casing - no moving parts during retract operation
  • Compact measures
  • Reliable retract mechanism, avoids sticking
  • Fast deployment time
  • Easy to use control panel with status feedback from thruster

The SR-series thrusters also incorporate the advanced features from the SE-series tunnel thusters:

  • Q-prop
  • Sealed Drive - lifetime lubricated
  • Galvanic Separation
  • IPC intelligence for extra safety

Side-Power Retractable Thruster